Skull found at North Augusta recycling center



Saying they don’t know if a crime has been committed, North Augusta police recovered a skull found by a recycling center employee as it went by on a conveyer belt.

North Augusta police were called to Materials Recovery Facility on Tuesday after the employee discovered what appears to be an adult human skull. The business is off Claypit Road.

North Augusta Department of Public Safety Lt. Tim Thornton said the skull appears to have been partially spray-painted green.

It has no observable trauma, such as fractures or bullet holes, and is clean, making police guess it has been separated from the body for a long time.

“We don’t know if we have a crime yet,” Thornton said. “There’s nothing suspicious about this except for the oddity in which it was uncovered. You don’t see this every day.”

Police are looking into the possibility that the skull could have been discarded by a medical student who no longer had use for it.

Numerous Web sites online offer the purchase of “real human skulls” which are often used by medical students.

Thornton said police are considering options and getting suggestions on what could be done with the skull.

Anyone with information about the skull or how it ended up at the recycling center can contact the North Augusta Department of Public Safety at (803) 279-2121.




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