Pardon Our Mess: Ordinance requires campaign signs be removed

WHERE: Various spots around Augusta, including the 3100, 3200 and 3300 blocks of Wrightsboro Road and some blocks downtown



WHAT: Campaign signs from the May 20 election have not been removed. On Friday, a few signs for District 12 congressional candidates Eugene Yu, Delvis Dutton and John Stone, Augusta Super District 10 Commissioner Grady Smith and mayoral candidate Alvin Mason were still displayed. A few signs from the “Augusta Together for SPLOST” and “Say no to SPLOST” campaigns were also seen.


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: An Augusta-Richmond County zoning ordinance requires candidates to remove political signs within 10 days of the election date. Candidates in a runoff can leave their signs displayed.


ACTION PROMISED: Augusta’s code enforcement division mailed a letter to candidates Friday reminding them to remove signs, said Board of Elections Director Lynn Bailey. In the past two weeks, the elections office has forwarded complaints about specific signs to the code office, which removed them.

“The amount of signs is way less than there was even a week ago,” Bailey said. “I think there has been progress made.”

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