Chronicle wins 31 awards in Georgia Press Association contest

Sara Caldwell won photo of the year for her silhouette image of a cowboy walking his horse at the Hippodrome in North Augusta, taken on January 23, 2013.

The Augusta Chronicle won 31 awards at the annual Georgia Press Association banquet Friday, including 13 for first place in the organization’s largest newspaper division.


Photographers Jon-Michael Sullivan and Sara Caldwell won three first-place awards each in the press association’s 2014 Better Newspaper Contest. Caldwell, who received four awards total, won photo of the year for her silhouette image of a cowboy walking his horse at the Hippodrome in North Augusta.

Other first-place winners were government reporter Susan McCord for hard news writing; Wayne Staats for sports writing; the newspaper’s annual Masters preview section for special issues; editorial cartoonist Rick McKee; Scott Michaux for sports column writing; Todd Bennett for sports photography; and Lisa Kaylor for religion coverage.

The Chronicle also won second place for general excellence.

The Columbia County News-Times won 14 awards, including first place in general excellence in the weekly newspaper category. Other first-place wins were in local news coverage, editorial page, Steve Crawford for serious column writing and Valerie Rowell for feature writing.


The Chronicle delivers award-winning quality every day

– Business Coverage – Jenna Martin, 2nd place

– Community Service – Steve Crawford, 3rd place

– Editorial Page – 2nd place

– Editorial Writing – Michael Ryan, 3rd place

– Education Coverage – Tracey McManus, 2nd place

– Feature Photography – Sara Caldwell, 1st place

– General Excellence – 2nd place

– Hard News Writing – Susan McCord, 1st place

– Headline Writing – Virgil Stewart, 2nd place

– Humorous Column – Glynn Moore, 2nd place

– Investigative Reporting – Susan McCord and Sandy Hodson, 3rd place

– News Photograph – Michael Holahan, 1st and 2nd place

– Page One – 2nd place

– Photo Essay – Jon-Michael Sullivan, 1st place

– Photo of the Year – Sara Caldwell

– Religion Coverage – Lisa Kaylor, 1st place

– Serious Column – Joe Hotchkiss, 2nd place

– Special Issues – 1st place

– Sports Column – Scott Michaux, 1st place

– Sports Feature Photograph – Jon-Michael Sullivan, 1st place

– Sports Photograph – Todd Bennett, 1st place

– Sports Section or Pages – 3rd place

– Sports Writing – Wayne Staats, 1st place

– Sports Writing – Chris Gay, 3rd place

– Spot News Photo – Sara Caldwell, 3rd place

– Best Photo Gallery on a Newspaper Web site – Sara Caldwell, 1st place

– Best Web Photo – Jon-Michael Sullivan, 1st place

– Editorial Cartoonist – Rick McKee, 1st and 2nd place

– Newspaper web site – 2nd place



– General Excellence, 1st place

– Page One – 2nd place

– Local News Coverage – 1st place

– Editorial Page – 1st place

– Sports Section or Page – 2nd place

– Headline Writing – 2nd place

– Business Coverage – Valerie Rowell, 3rd place

– News Photograph – Jim Blaylock, 2nd place

– Feature Photograph – Jim Blaylock, 3rd place

– Photo Essay – Jim Blaylock, 3rd place

– Serious Column – Steve Crawford, 1st place

– Feature Writing – Valerie Rowell, 1st place

– Hard News Writing – Valerie Rowell, 2nd place

– Newspaper web site – 3rd place



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