Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A “RANT” TO all who continue to enter Fort Gordon and submit anonymous complaints about the guards not doing their so-called jobs. I was one of those guards and still continue to patronize the fort for various reasons. And I’ve been in line watching some of the meanest people complain about nothing!!! It’s pathetic to see some people treat those guards in such a selfish manner, simply because you are too worried about your car rims or pretend not to know how to use the machine. Attend to business about the card swipe system. Grow up Augusta and surrounding area (CSRA). Meet the need with respect.


THIS IS A RANT TO Mr. Nead’s featured letter May 7. He is very lucky The Augusta Chronicle is fair in allowing him to express his views. A liberal paper would not do the same for conservative views. Again, another liberal attack on people’s individual liberties (mandated Affordable Care Act) and belief that Benghazi is just another failure (blame Bush). American’s deserve answers about failures (IRS, Benghazi) and should not be forced to support those who live off the government. What happen to this administration’s transparency?


THE CSRA CITIZEN’S forum is proud to endorse Dr. Paul Broun for Senate, John Stone for Congress in the 12th Congressional District, Mary Kay Bacallao for State Superintendent of Education.


BIG RANT TO US Airways for pulling flights out Augusta and now having oversold flights and no way to accommodate the passengers. They are going to have to redo the commercial about flying US Airways out of Augusta being easy because there are no seats available.


I AM SO SICK OF hearing about that botched lethal injection. To me he got what he deserved. The girl he killed didn’t ask to be buried alive. Karma.


EDUCATORS HAVE GREAT concern for people’s lives. Who better to have a gun to protect our students than our educators?


WHY IS A TRUE SOUTHERN sport buried on page 11 with one of the biggest races of the season going on this weekend at Talladega Speedway? I know there are a lot of people not from the South, but a majority of us are still true Southern people and it is a true Southern sports. Focus less on basketball, horse racing, tennis, golf. How about a true Southern sport coming to the front once in a while?


COMMISSIONERS COREY Johnsons and Bill Fennoy say the attack wasn’t as bad as it seems. I bet if it was whites beating up blacks they would be marching in the streets.


TO THE FOX NEWS RANTER: Speak for yourself buddy, I’m waiting for the topless show to start.


TAYLOR GROVER IS NOT A North Augusta native. He went to Midland Valley and he pitched for Midland Valley.


THE AUGUSTA LIVE AD that you have in the paper every week – a young man and a young woman standing up against a dirty brick wall and a filthy floor. Couldn’t you do any better than that?


I THINK ALL MINORITIES with any pride would be angry with Greenbaum , the ACLU and others who imply they are not smart enough to vote in May. They have only voted in November so they would not understand how to cope with the change.