Pardon Our Mess: Cigarette butts along Broad Street

Cigarette butts litter a tree planting area on Broad Street.

WHERE: The sidewalk on Broad Street between Ninth and 10th streets, near The Loft and Bar on Broad.



WHAT: Discarded cigarette butts litter the sidewalk and street outside of a cluster of bars on Broad Street.


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Construction manager Anthony Williams, of Augusta’s engineering division, said the proprietors of the businesses along Broad Street are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of their storefronts clean. “We don’t have the manpower to come down there and clean the sidewalks everyday,” he said.


ACTION PROMISED: The city cleans the sidewalks at least once a month, usually in the days after First Friday. This month’s celebration was last week, so the sidewalks should be clear of debris early this week.

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