Pardon our mess: Sign directing traffic toward hospital district

WHERE: U.S. Highway 1 South (Gordon Highway) at Broad Street

WHAT: A blue sign reads “Hospital Next Right,” directing traffic to turn right onto Walton Way toward the hospital district. However, there are two streets on the right between the sign and Walton Way - Watkins Street and Fenwick Street - and the sign’s location may cause confusion.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: The Georgia Department of Transportation

ACTION PERFORMED: The department’s traffic division determined that all signage is in the correct place, but an additional sign will be installed to help clear up any confusion, said Cissy McNure of the division.

By Feb. 28, the “Hospital Next Right” sign had been moved to a spot between Walton Way and Fenwick Street, and a sign with a hospital symbol and an arrow pointing straight had been placed in the spot the “next right” sign once occupied.

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