Restaurant owner evicted from Martinez burger joint

Gregory A. Glover, owner of St. Louis Burgers at 401 Furys Ferry Road in Martinez, was evicted Thursday for non payment of rent.

The owner of a Martinez hamburger joint was evicted from the restaurant Thursday for not paying rent.


Columbia County marshals removed property belonging to Gregory Allen Glover, 44, from St. Louis Original Hamburgers at 408 Furys Ferry Road. Property including tables, chairs, rolling carts and equipment was pulled out of the building and left in the parking lot.

“Anything that wasn’t affixed to the building,” Chief Marshal Shaun Brooks said. “Anything that wasn’t bolted down, we had to make sure it was out of there.”

The property owners, R.C. Capital LLC, petitioned to have Glover removed from the building in November, according to case paperwork filed with Columbia County Superior Court.

Glover, doing business as QSR Equity LLC, signed a lease with R.C. Capital in November 2012 and opened the restaurant in April 2013. Glover never paid his rent and owes R.C. Capital more than $40,000, according to paperwork filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Glover filed for bankruptcy in late 2013 after R.C. Capital filed its intent to evict him. He sought relief from the eviction from the bankruptcy court judge.

The judge recently ruled that Glover and his company are liable for the amount owed because the business was the lessor and he filed for individual bankruptcy listing himself as QSR Equity. Also, R.C. Capital attorneys filed their lawsuit before he filed for bankruptcy, according to the judge’s order filed Feb. 19.

Brooks said attorneys for R.C. Capital took Glover the Superior Court order for eviction last week.

Brooks said that during the eviction, he found “no food, no beverages, anything like that. They were not operational.”

On Jan. 21, former employees went to the restaurant demanding back pay that they said Glover owed them. He locked the doors and called authorities to remove them from the property.

Glover, who opened the restaurant in April in the former Pickles Cafe and Grill space, was arrested in September. According to police, he tried to use someone else’s Social Security number to open a business checking account in August. Glover evaded arrest for about two weeks before surrendering Sept. 24 on two counts of financial identity fraud.

It was discovered at the time of his arrest that Glover was operating the restaurant without a business license, which he obtained the day after his arrest.

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