Toys R Us redesigns parking after handicapped violation found

Store in compliance with federal code
The Toys R Us store on Wrightsboro Road in Augusta has restriped its parking lot to comply with ADA code.

The Toys R Us on Wrightsboro Road has restriped its parking lot after a site inspection by The Augusta Chronicle found each of the business’s handicapped spots lacked a 5-foot-wide access aisle as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The redesign, planned and executed in early December, came a month after the newspaper examined more than 20 retail locations in Richmond and Columbia counties, and found five had handicapped parking spaces that were either improperly marked, had slopes too steep for vehicular wheelchair lifts or no access aisles at all, each a violation of federal code.

When Toys R Us was made aware of the problem in early November, spokeswoman Linda DeNotaris said company officials investigated the issue, but found that the store’s parking lot was built to code at the time of construction in the late 1980s. Tax records shows the toy store was built in 1985.

“Since no major changes have been made to the building and its parking lot since its construction, it was grandfathered in under a previous building code,” DeNotaris said in an e-mailed statement.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990 and later revised in 2010 to include requirements for more van-accessible spaces, flatter access aisles and clearly marked “paths of travel” from handicapped parking spots to store entrances.

The amendment contained a “safe harbor” clause, stating that retailers would not be required to bring locations into compliance until regular alterations were planned.

DeNotaris said a redesign for handicapped parking access asiles was approved in late November and that work on parking lot reconfiguration began a short time later.

“We abide by ADA guidelines and are committed to ensuring our customers have a positive experience when visiting our stores,” she said.

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  • Lowe's, 224 Bobby Jones Expressway, had two van-accessible handicap parking spaces that lacked marked access aisles. The company has restriped the spaces.
  • Wal-Mart, 260 Bobby Jones Expressway, had a van-accessible handicap parking space with an improperly located access aisle. The company corrected the access aisle.
  • Chili’s, 273 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway, had van-accessible handicapped parking spaces without proper signs. “Van Accessible” signs have been added.
  • Augusta Mall, 3450 Wrightsboro Road, had an access aisle with a surface slope exceeding 2 percent. A 6 percent slope remains.


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