How to reduce burn risk this Thanksgiving



Keep your children out of the kitchen when you’re cooking today.

That is one of several safety tips released by the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital to help reduce burn risks during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We have always advised people to create a 3-foot kids’ safety zone around all hot surfaces in the kitchen,” Burn Center Director Dr. Fred Mullins said in a statement. “However, in reality, that’s probably not enough. It’s better if children don’t even set foot in the kitchen.”

Other tips imparted by Mullins are the following: Don’t deep-fry your own turkey. Cook with pot handles toward the inside of the stove. Never leave cooking items unattended.

According to medical professionals at the burn center, at least one patient each day is treated there for a kitchen burn, and most are children with burns from hot water. Such burns can require various levels of treatment, including skin grafts and surgery.

Another common cause of Thanksgiving burns occur when people try to deep-fry a turkey and overfill the pot with oil, which can result in a large flame.

For those who choose to deep-fry their turkeys, they should put the turkey into an empty pot before filling it with water. When the water reaches 2 inches above the turkey, pull it out and then measure the water level. Pour out the water, dry the pot and then fill to the measured level with oil.

Still, Mullins advises that people leave the deep-frying to a professional.

“Even if buying a professionally-fried turkey seems expensive, I can assure you it is far less expensive than a stay in the hospital,” he said.


Keep children out of the kitchen when cooking.

Don’t deep-fry own turkey.

Cook on the back burners of the stove.

Make sure all pot and pan handles are turned inward so children cannot reach them.

Appliances that get hot should be out of a child’s reach.

Turn off all appliances when leaving the kitchen.

Do as much preparation work and cooking as possible before kitchen is crowded on Thanksgiving.

Keep items like potholders and food containers away from stove eyes and other hot surfaces.

Make sure all appliances are used appropriately

Use timers to track cooking times.



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