Pardon Our Mess: Fallen 'Do Not Enter' sign at intersection

WHERE: The intersection of Druid Park and Central avenues.

WHAT: A “Do Not Enter” traffic sign was knocked down, and the sign’s wooden post was split into four pieces. One of the pieces was positioned to prop up the sign on the ground. A second “Do Not Enter” sign at the intersection was leaning.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: City Traffic Engineer Steve Cassell said he did not know about the fallen sign, and that it’s possible a car knocked it down.

Typically, his department receives incident reports when traffic signs are damaged in car accidents. A driver’s insurance policy could be used to reimburse the cost of a new sign and manpower to install it.

ACTION PROMISED: “I’ll send someone out there to fix it. A ‘Do Not Enter’ sign needs to be up,” Cassell said Friday. He said the department would look at incident reports to see whether it was caused by a car.

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Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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