Hundreds at Fort Gordon furloughed during shutdown

Although essential services and military personnel are unaffected by the federal government shutdown, 490 of the 842 civilian workers who make up the U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence and the Army Garrison will be furloughed until further notice.


“This is a difficult day for us,” Fort Gordon’s garrison commander, Col. Samuel Anderson, said in a news release. “We’re concerned for our employees who are being furloughed for the second time this year, and we’re concerned about our ability to provide the programs and services that our service members and their families deserve.”

Because Fort Gordon houses a variety of agencies and commands on post, officials could not say how many employees would be furloughed on base.

Public Affairs Officer J.C. Mathews said employees involved in safety and security, such as military police, firefighters and security guards, will not be affected. Contracted employees whose positions are funded beyond Oct. 1, and the government employees tasked to supervise them, are also working as normal.

Furloughed employees make up positions such as administrative service workers and support staffers for military education. Civilian workers who support public safety operations are exempt from the furloughs, Mathews said.

Military pay will be uninterrupted during the shutdown under the Pay Our Military Act signed by President Obama on Monday.

SRS braces for 'government shutdown' over budget impasse

Federal funding allocated to local school systems will not be immediately affected by the government shutdown.

The majority of funding provided for 2014 comes from fiscal year 2012 carryover and fiscal 2013 appropriations, according to an e-mail sent to school districts by Scott Austensen, Georgia’s deputy superintendent for finance and business operations.

That money includes Title I and II, which support low-income districts and teacher training; part B of IDEA, which helps children with disabilities; and Career, Technical and Agricultural Education grants.

Race to the Top grants, afour-year education improvement grant Richmond County received in 2010, are exempt from the shutdown, Austensen said.

U.S. Department of Agriculture grants, which fund school lunches, also are secure because they come mostly from 2013 appropriations.


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