Missing 'Swamp Murders' TV mannequin corpse finally resurfaces

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park visitors see plenty of birds and waterfowl, but a student work crew Friday found something entirely different.


It was a corpse – or at least, a mannequin made to look like one – peering from the murky waters of Butler Creek.

The missing Swamp Murders dummy had returned.

It vanished last March, when crews from Atlanta-based Crazy Legs Productions used the swamp to film several episodes of the Investigation Discovery true-crime series.

“It was the body of a kidnapped banker, who had been duct-taped to a chair, weighted with a concrete block and tossed off the bridge, while he was still alive,” said Bob Young, the president of Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy,

The production crews figured their missing dummy would turn up eventually, but no one thought it would take five months.

“It’s about 40 feet downstream from the bridge, with the ghostly looking head bobbing above the surface,” Young said.

Based on the heavy flows in the creek this year, he added, it’s likely to be there a while longer.

'Swamp Murders' crime series filmed in Phinizy Swamp