Grovetown woman finds local buyer for rare Masters program



A rare 1935 Masters Tournament program isn’t leaving Augusta, after all.

The program, discovered by a Grovetown woman last month while helping a friend go through boxes of old magazines and newspaper clippings, was sold to an Augusta resident over the weekend.

Lexie Hollingsworth said she strongly considered consigning the piece to an auction house but is happy she was able to find a local buyer.

“I really wanted it to stay home,” she said Monday. “I’m glad a local Augustan got it. That meant a lot to me, actually.”

Hollingsworth did not reveal the purchase price or the identity of the buyer. She said, however, that it sold for “considerably” more than the last one that went to auction and fetched more than $12,000.

“One of the first people who had contacted me had given me a generous offer,” she said. “I reached back to them and countered with a slightly higher offer and they said yes.”

Augusta National Golf Club produced programs for its inaugural event in 1934 and for the second year. Only a handful of copies of the 1935 program for the Augusta National Invitation Tournament are believed to exist.

Hollingsworth initially contacted Augusta National about the program, but said she could not reach a deal with the private club.

She will split the proceeds with the friend whose house she was helping clean out. Her friend is not employed, and that factored into the decision, she said.

“Getting money faster for him, it was better for him,” she said.

What does she plan to do with her share of the windfall?

“My husband’s daughter just got married,” Hollingsworth said. “I’ve got some credit cards to pay off.”



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

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