Frogs fool with fancy weather gauge

Attention, frogs: The weather gauges at Bush Field are in a no-croaking zone.


The National Weather Service had to correct the daily climate report for Augusta on Wednesday morning after a frog hopped into the All Weather Precipitation Accumulation Gauge – a sophisticated device that measures rainfall by weighing it.

It’s not sophisticated enough, though, to tell the difference between precipitation and amphibians, which have found their way into it about a dozen times since the beginning of the summer, said meteorologist Leonard Vaughan.

“When a frog gets into the gauge, its weight may be falsely recorded as precipitation,” Vaughan said. “This was the case this morning, and as a result, the false precipitation readings were removed from our daily climate report.”

Meteorologists at the weather service in West Columbia, S.C., said they were suspicious when 0.04 inch of rainfall was recorded in Augusta despite no evidence of it on radar.

They sent an electronics technician to inspect. He found the frog and sent it on its way.

For the record, Wednesday morning’s rainfall was officially measured as less than 0.01 inch – finer than a frog’s hair.




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