Savannah River lab and Norway firm improve nuclear containers


A new agreement signed in Aiken sets the stage for collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory and Nuclear Protection Products, a Norwegian manufacturer, on a possible next generation of radioactive material packaging systems for the world’s nuclear markets.

NPP is situated in Ilseng, Norway, and develops specialty containers for the storage and transportation of medical isotopes, among other products.

The agreement was arranged through the assistance of DOE’s Office of Environmental Management, whose Office of Packaging and Transportation, Packaging Certification Program provides support and oversight for materials packaging and transport within the DOE complex.

The new memorandum of understanding outlines several areas of scientific and technical collaboration, including nuclear material packaging and materials science, and alternative container and packaging concepts and designs. SRNL would serve as a U.S. National Laboratory partner to help support NPP in the design of a licensable cask for nuclear and hazardous materials.