Vogtle's heaviest component to date moved into place

A 900-ton containment vessel bottom head for a new Plant Vogtle reactor was moved into place during the weekend.


The component was assembled from 58 steel plates made in Japan and shipped to the Burke County site over months.

Its placement into its “cradle” in the Unit 3 nuclear island represents the heaviest lift to date at the construction site, according to Georgia Power Co. officials.

The bottom head is about 38 feet tall and 130 feet wide and was assembled by Chicago Bridge & Iron before being moved into position by a heavy lift derrick.

In April, the 460-ton Unit 3 nuclear containment cradle was moved onto the nuclear island, clearing the way for placement of the bottom head.

Plant Vogtle, which received the Nuclear Regula­tory Com­mission’s first combined operating license in early 2012, is the first commercial nuclear plant to be built in the U.S. in decades. About 2,500 workers are involved in the construction of two reactors.

The projected price of the Vogtle expansion rose from $14 billion to more than $14.7 billion earlier this year, based on data provided to the Georgia Pub­lic Service Commis­sion.

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