Kayaker injured in rapids accident

A kayak instructor and a man and his wife were swept under the canal headgates and had to be helped out of the water about 150-yards down stream. A woman with injuries that were not life-threatening was transported to the hospital.

Three kayakers survived being sucked through the Augusta Canal Headgates on Tuesday afternoon.


Three kayaks – an instructor and a husband and wife – were paddling near Savannah Rapids Pavilion when they were sucked through the gates that channel the Savannah River into the canal. Their names were not released.

Terry Anthony, an Augusta Utilities employee working at the Lock and Dam, said she saw the kayakers and tried to direct them away, but the current carried them through the headgates.

“There were three kayaks,” Anthony said. “He (the instructor) was already coming out through and he said they wouldn’t paddle.”

After calling 911, Anthony chased the kayaks down the canal and helped drag the woman, who was clinging to her kayak, to the shore 150 yards past the headgates just in front of the pedestrian bridge.

The woman complained of shoulder pain and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, accompanied by her husband.



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