Wolfpack pay tribute to fallen teammates on 10-year anniversary

Greenbrier golf coach Alex Heider talks to the golf team about the accident 10 years ago that took the life of team golfers Daniel Hall and Shane Williams.

Ten years to the day when a car crash killed two Greenbrier High golfers, their modern day teammates paid tribute Monday to their memory.


With the command “In remembrance, ready, swing,” the eight members of the current team teed off and lofted balls from the left-field foul line over the outfield fence on the softball field in honor of the late Daniel Hall and Shane Williams, as well as Matthew and Michael Barman who were injured in the crash.

After the 2003 accident, a memorial was placed behind the fence and a chipping area was constructed, but over the years it fell into disrepair. Senior Taylor Guilbeau wanted to renovate the area for his senior project, but instead managed to move the bench that had been dedicated to Hall and Williams to the front of the school and place it near the Victory Bell Tower.

“People just kind of forgot all about it ... ,” said Guilbeau. “I was like, maybe I can do something.”

The Victory Bell Tower was where head golf coach Alex Heider first gathered both the boys’ and girls’ teams Monday to talk about what the day meant.

“A lot of them were in kindergarten, first and second grade, really didn’t know, really, in a lot of ways how this affected the county, affected the team, affected golf and in a lot of ways changed the rules on traveling in Columbia County,” said Heider, who was the Greenbrier girls soccer coach at the time.

“Even though it was 10 years ago, they are still a part of our family,” said Heider.




Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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