Lake level gains are 10 feet above 2012 lowpoint

Thurmond Lake has officially recovered more than 10 feet in elevation since its lowpoint last year in the midst of an extended drought.


According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the reservoir reached 324.43 feet above sea level on Tuesday — exactly 10 feet higher than last year’s lowpoint of 314.43, recorded Dec. 10.

Thursday’s level was 324.53.

The newest projections forecast additional gains, with the lake’s pool reaching 327 feet above sea level by mid June.

Full pool is 330 feet above sea level, a point last recorded Nov. 19, 2009.

Extended low lake levels have been cited as possible factors in slow real estate and retail sales linked to reduced recreational use of the lake.

The reservoir also provides flow for the Savannah River, which is used by Augusta and other cities for drinking water, wastewater dilution and for industrial processes.

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