SRS Retirees Association to meet April 23 in Aiken

New health insurance is focus of April 23 SRS restirees meet

The annual meeting of the SRS Retiree Association will be held April 23 at the Etherredge Center at the University of South Carolina at Aiken.


Doors will open at 11 a.m. for registration and to provide members with an opportunity to get answers to individual questions about the new health insurance programs from the site contractor, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and its subcontractors, My Medicare Advocates and Wage Works.

The formal meeting will commence at 1:30 p.m. and its focus will be on the transition of retirees from the site medical plan to a separate site sponsored medical plan for pre-Medicare retirees and their spouses and dropping post-65 Medicare eligible retirees and their spouses from the site medical plan on January 1, 2013. Post-65 retirees and their spouses are now required to purchase individual, commercial medical insurance policies. The contractor has provided a stipend to retirees and their spouses to purchase these policies and has hired subcontractors to assist in selecting appropriate polices and to provide reimbursements from the stipend. For many post 65-retirees, the process to select and purchase insurance policies and then receive reimbursements has not gone smoothly. The subcontractors were understaffed and often did not have the processes in place or all the information needed to assist retirees and spouses. Some retirees are finding that their out-of- pocket prescription drug costs will be significantly higher even with private Medicare Part D insurance. We anticipate spirited and passionate feedback from members of the association during the meeting.

The planned efforts of the SRS Retiree Association to protect retiree benefits in the future will be discussed. Specific items to be covered are:

• Funding to bring the pension plan to “full funding”

• Review of the stipend to account for medical inflation..

Representatives from the Department of Energy Savannah River, the site contractors Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and Savannah River Remediation are expected to attend the meeting. Invitations have been extended to members of both our South Carolina and Georgia Congressional delegations. Because Congress will be in session on the 23rd , we anticipate that our Senators and Representatives will be represented at the meeting by members of their respective staffs.

The Etherredge Center is at 471 University Parkway, Aiken.



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