Augusta woman returns missing photos

Shelley Burges (left) with Doris Cohen at the Target store on Tuesday. Burges had found some old family photos in the bottom of a shopping cart and was able to return them. Cohen is holding a framed copy of one of the photos that she brought to the store to prove the lost photos were hers.

An Augusta woman who found some old black-and-white photos in the bottom of a Target shopping cart was able to give them back to their owner Tuesday morning.


Shelley Burges called The Augusta Chronicle on Monday and told how she had discovered the pictures last week at the store on Robert C. Daniel Parkway.

She even shared copies of some of the photographs, one of which ran in Tuesday’s edition.

That’s where Doris Cohen, of Augusta, saw it.

She said she shouted, “That’s me! That’s me! What am I doing in the paper?”

Cohen said she had been up until 2 a.m. searching the furniture of her home for the pictures.

When she read they had been found at Target, she went to the store when it opened. Manager Robert Davis said the store then contacted Burges, who quickly arrived to give Cohen her missing pictures.

Cohen had even brought a framed copy of one of the lost photographs from her wall, in case anyone doubted the pictures were hers.

Burges said she spent much of Monday unsuccessfully trying to find some Internet connection.

Now, she says, she’s “thankful that I could be a blessing to someone today. And that is positive!”

Said Davis, the Target manager: “It’s the sort of thing everyone feels good about.”