Dating service offers to buy Georgia town's naming rights

ATLANTA -- The online dating Web site has offered to buy naming rights to the city of Sugar Hill in suburban Gwinnett County for $3.75 million, but the city isn’t selling, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.


A news release says the “offer” was sent to Sugar Hill Mayor Gary Pirkle and other unnamed government officials “in writing.” But Pirkle said the only thing he got on Sunday was the news release — the same one sent to local media.

“I think this has probably been good publicity for them, and it’s wasted a half day or more for me,” Pirkle said. “I don’t think it’s anything we’d be interested in.”

But negotiations appeared to be heating up Monday afternoon.

Pirkle sent an e-mail to Pop Culture Public Relations, the company that e-mailed the news release Sunday night, saying the city appreciated the offer but was “unable to accept.”

“We will be celebrating our city’s 75th anniversary next year, so we are already committed to keeping the name Sugar Hill,” Pirkle wrote. “As a counter offer, we would be willing to name Sugar Daddy as our official city candy bar for the next 10 years — for only $2 million.”