Bleach spill resolved with use of chemical dechlorination

A spill that sent 300 gallons of bleach into a storm drain was cleaned up during the weekend to avoid adverse impacts to nearby Rocky Creek.

The accident occurred Friday at the Augusta Utilities Department’s Peach Orchard Road office, when a pump failed to turn off after loading 12.5 percent bleach solution from a large tank into a smaller one.

Cleanup crews added a dechlorination agent to the storm drain and flushed the area with water to push the chemical through the system, said Al­len Saxon, the department’s assistant director for facility operations.

The storm drain empties into a ditch that crosses Georgia Hwy. 56 and empties into Rocky Creek, he said, but the chemical was not detectable at the Hwy. 56 crossing and no adverse impacts were observed in the creek.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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