Thomson plane crash investigation continues

Two weeks after a fatal plane crash in Thomson, officials said the investigation is continuing with few new details to be made public.


The Beechcraft 390 Premier carrying two pilots and five employees of The Vein Guys crashed in a wooded area
near the Thomson-McDuffie County Airport around 8 p.m. Feb. 20.

All five passengers died and the pilots survived. One was identified as Richard Trammell. Friends said the other is Jeremy Hay­den.

A spokesman for Georgia Re­gents Medical Center said Fri­day that Trammell is no longer in the patient directory. Information on Hayden was never made public.

Killed were Dr. Steven Roth and employees Tiffany Porter, Lisa Volpitto, Kim Davidson and Heidi McCorkle.

An initial report from the Na­tion­al Transportation Safety Board said the passengers were traveling from a vascular surgery practice in Nashville, Tenn., to Thomson.

Witnesses told investigators that the plane appeared to be in position to land before the pilot stopped the approach and commenced a go-around. The plane then continued down the runway at low speed before hitting a concrete utility pole and braided wire about a quarter-mile from the runway and 59 feet above the ground that sheared off the left wing of the plane.

The jet continued another quarter-mile before crashing into trees. A fire consumed much of the aircraft.

A preliminary report said the landing gear was extended and the flap handle was in the 10-degree, or go-around, position. There was no distress call before the crash.

An NTSB spokesman said Thurs­day that new information was not being released during the investigation.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent in charge Pat Morgan said that other than completing more paperwork, the GBI has concluded its involvement.

Morgan said GBI agents were called to the scene at the request of the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office to assist in documenting the scene and recovering bodies.

“We’re done with our part,” he said Friday.



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