One of heaviest reactor parts moved to Plant Vogtle site

This 160-ton steel reactor vessel head has been moved to Plant Vogtle, and officials are continuing to plan the transport of an even larger reactor vessel.

One of the largest and heaviest reactor components for Plant Vogtle’s nuclear power expansion has arrived at the Burke County site, unloaded and stored, according to Georgia Power Co. officials.


The reactor vessel head, weighing 160 tons, serves as the “lid” of the Unit 3 reactor and will be bolted to the even-larger reactor vessel body – a 300-ton component that remains in Savannah, Ga., awaiting shipment to the site aboard a specially built rail car.

Both components are made from steel and were built in South Korea and shipped to the Port of Savannah.

A company spokesman said that the vessel head arrived at the site last month but that its presence was disclosed only this week.

Efforts to transport the reactor vessel in December were halted after a misalignment was detected in the platform of a special rail car carrying the oversize component.

For security reasons, company officials would not divulge the specific plans to move the reactor vessel, saying only that it is “currently in the Port of Savannah and is expected to arrive at the site in the coming days.”

The $14 billion expansion at Plant Vogtle includes the addition of two AP-1000 reactors.

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