Submerged vehicle to stay in water unless it becomes hazard, police say

A vehicle located in the water under the Sand Bar Ferry bridge on Monday will only be removed if it is considered a navigational hazard, authorities said Wednesday.

Police in Aiken and Richmond counties were called to the Savannah River after fishermen spotted a car beneath the water.

Divers with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources were called in to try to get a tag number or see if anyone might have been in the car when it went under.

Aiken County sheriff’s Capt. Troy Elwell said divers were unable to find a VIN or license plate for the car, which was covered in algae and appeared to have been underwater for some time. Police said there was no evidence that anyone was inside the vehicle when it originally went into the water.

Divers were also unable to determine where the vehicle might have entered the water.

Officials study car found beneath Sand Bar Ferry bridge