Area residents split about arming school administrators

Terry Tittel, of Evans, said arming school administrators with weapons is not a good solution for preventing school violence.


“They’re already trying to do the best to teach our children. Now, you’re going to add something else for them to train on,” Tittel said. “Let’s develop a less encroaching solution, a different type of security for all the doors as you’re coming in.”

If administrators are armed, then they need to be trained just like anyone else carrying a gun, Tittel said.

“There’s nothing more scary than someone with a firearm that doesn’t know how to use it properly,” he said.

J.D. Drinnen, of Martinez, agrees with arming school administrators but said it should be a voluntary option and not mandatory.

“That’s a serious thing to contemplate especially if you’re surrounded by children,” Drinnen said. “But if they feel a responsibility to protect them and they go through the scenarios in their mind, there are some excellent training facilities.”

Russell Creighton, of North Augusta, said training school administrators to carry guns is not necessary if police are present at schools.

“That’s just overkill,” Creighton said.

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