12/12/12 proves popular with Augusta-area brides, grooms

Hoping that the numerical novelty of 12/12/12 will give them luck and fewer excuses for not remembering a wedding anniversary, a number of Augusta-area couples tied the knot Wednesday.


“Of course, they will never forget,” wedding officiant Betty Love said. “That keeps a groom out of the doghouse.”

Love’s Wedding Chapel on Wrightsboro Road married at least three couples who had booked their wedding date in advance. Others were making arrangements Wednesday morning to snag the special day, Love said.

Wednesday was the last triple date until Jan. 1, 2101. Next year, brides can mark another unique date on Nov. 12, or 11/12/13.

Since a yearly string of triple dates started Jan. 1, 2001, wedding chapels have come to expect a flurry of brides walking down the aisle on dates with a pattern. On Nov. 11, 2011, Love married 11 couples.

Cierra Fortson chose the date several months ago to marry Reggie Grier. Fortson said she looks for numerical patterns and hopes they symbolize good fortune.

“It’s unique, and 12/12/12 won’t happen again for the next century,” she said. “He can always remember the anniversary.”

Sheryl Padgett, an ordained minister at Unity Church of Augusta and the founder of CSRAweddings.com, said marrying on a date that stands out numerically carries superstitions for some couples.

“People look for luck any way they can get it,” she said.

At least four couples booked Padgett for ceremonies Wednesday, including one at noon to add another 12 into the pattern.

Marilyn Morales and Jose Ortiz didn’t have the triple date in mind when they planned their ceremony for noon Wednesday at Gazebo Weddings in North Augusta.

“It was just how it happened,” Ortiz said. “Maybe I should play the lotto.”

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