Lake Lanier falling but Thurmond is still lower

Lake Lanier above Atlan­ta has fallen two feet in two weeks, to its lowest point since the 2007-09 drought, but it hasn’t caught up with Thur­mond Lake.

According to The Associa­ted Press, Lanier’s level is 1,058 feet above sea level – or 13 feet below full pool.

Thurmond Lake’s pool level Tuesday was 314.83 feet above sea level, or 15.17 feet below full pool – the lowest reading this year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicts Lanier could drop two to three more feet by Dec. 21, while projections for Thurmond Lake say pool levels will remain stable or drop only a few inches through January.

This month, flows from Thur­mond to the Savannah River were reduced to slow the lake’s decline. Some downstream users have been forced to adapt to lower flows, which required cutbacks in hydropower generation along the Augusta Canal.

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