Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $8,092.90



Fred and Margaret Williams $100

In memory of John M. Weigle $50

Carroll Ellis $15

Clifford and Sherrie Kirkland $50

Guy and Joan Daniels $100

“Honoring Cal and Hayes” $100

Leon Alexander Jr. $50

Kathryn Seyberth $25

Anonymous $20

Russell and Carolyn Quarles $10

Richard and Margaret Haines $50

Anonymous $15

Michael and Teresa Ekre $25

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert $25

Anonymous $25

Hal Herrington Jr. $10

In memory of Truffle $100

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Michael Lubinsky $25

In memory of Michael Hall $25

Helen Marine $25

Linda Feffer $50

Seth Benson $100

Marita and Dennis Moberg $200

H & D $15

In loving memory of Laura and Colbie Reeves.
From Al, Stephanie, Rodney and Cayden
Reeves $100

Merry Christmas and God Bless from O.P.M. Property Investments Inc. $100

Mary Pileggi $20

In memory of our parents Geech and Yank Felton and Thelma and Johnnie Whitaker Love, Jim and Nancy Felton $100

Raymond and Marian Lundquist $10

Lloyd and Carol Lewis $50

In loving memory of my grandson Ryan Howell $100

Anonymous $20

Janet Kirkey $25

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nesbit $100

In memory of our Parents $50

Neal and Patricia Clay $50

Elizabeth Frank $25

In memory of my dad, William A. Garrett $20

Anonymous $25

In honor of our grandchildren Landon, Tanner and Makayla Dykes $50

In memory of Neill Commins $25

Paula and William Huntley $25

Thomas Williams $50

Griggs and Jan Wheeler $15

Merry Christmas from Frank and Nancy Rollins $100

Marquerite Fogleman $20

In memory of Marjorie L. Winters $50

Rita Loesch $20

Bennett and Mary Powell $25

Jim and Georgia Hedgis $25

Richard Plummer $50

In memory of my husband, Dewell Rushing $50

Lida Rich $20

Bob and Cindy Beattie $100

In loving memory of J. Robert Scott $50

In memory of Richard Sconyers $100

From Ethan and Lily God Bless All,
Merry Christmas $25

In memory of George and Martha Shiveler $20

Edith Staalman $20

Carl and Becky Coulson $200

Hampton, Marc, Daniel, Madison, Lucas, John Patten and Ash $50

Megan, Brittany, Carlee, Mobley and Layton $50

Eulala Weddle $25

Eleanor Hanson $50

Dorothy Akin Jens $25

Robert LaFrance $200


Total today $8,445


Total this year $16,537.90



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