Wheel Movement of the CSRA reaches milestone with safety training

Cycling safety classes will be taught in Augusta after five cyclists become certified instructors this weekend.


The three-day intensive training from the League of American Bicyclists teaches basic traffic skills, bicycle commuting and group riding skills. The emphasis is not so much on teaching these experienced cyclists how to navigate the road, but on providing them with the training they need to pass these skills on to the community, said Christian Lentz, the vice president of Wheel Movement of the CSRA.

“Once they’ve completed training, they’ll have access to a bunch of LAB curriculum, so they won’t be starting from scratch,” Lentz said.

In exchange for the nationally recognized training – paid for through a grant from Georgia Bikes! – the instructors are expected to hold at least two classes before their certification expires in a year. Some of the possibilities include holding practical riding classes for children or teaching motorists how to drive around cyclists.

This training – Friday through Sunday – represents a milestone for Wheel Movement.

“We’ve talked about doing it for a year. Now we’ll have the capacity to do it. We hope this will really kick-start our efforts to build amity between cyclists and motorists as we enter 2013,” Lentz said.

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