No damage detected from Savannah River chemical spill

A broken fitting was blamed for a chemical spill in which 2,700 pounds of ferric chloride solution entered a storm drain that eventually empties into the Savannah River at South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.’s Urquhart Generating Plant in Beech Island.


Although ferric chloride is a corrosive that is harmful to aquatic life, environmental authorities found no evidence of fish kills or water-quality damage because of the large volume of water into which the chemical was absorbed.

“Although we take anything like this very seriously, fortunately there were no environmental issues,” SCE&G spokesman Robert Yanity said.

The material, used as a water-treatment coagulant at the plant, spilled into a storm drain that empties into the plant’s cooling water system and then into the river.

Yanity said the spill was about 275 gallons but was diluted after it reached the river.

South Carolina Depart-
ment of Health and Environ­mental Control officials called to the spill found no issues requiring action.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

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