New clue turns up in search for '76 Evans High class ring owner

The search for the owner of a 1976 Evans High class ring took a new twist Monday.


After a water utilities worker found the ring last week at the Little River Waste Water Treatment plant, Columbia County officials said they hoped to find “Sherie Jones” whose name appeared to be engraved inside it.

When no one came forward over the weekend, the ring was more thoroughly cleaned and officials discovered the “Sherie Jones” was actually “J K Herff Jones,” the ring’s manufacturer.

The cleaning, however, did yield another clue -- the initials “J.L.L.” An old Evans High yearbook indicates Jeanette Larsen was a member of the Evans High class of 1976.

“This could be who we are looking for,” Pam Tucker, the county’s Emergency and Operations Division director, said in an e-mail. “Please let me know if you know where Jeanette or her family may be.”

Anyone with information that would help reunite the ring with its owner may call the EMA Office at (706) 868-3303 or e-mail, a news release said.

Where is Evans ring owner?