Pine View mobile home park works to address violations

A Gordon Highway mobile home park is making progress in addressing dozens of violations discovered by code enforcement inspectors in May, Augusta officials said.


Code enforcement officers met Tuesday with an attorney for Pine View mobile home park to discuss the violations and the owners’ plan to rectify the situation, said Rob Sherman, of Augusta Licensing and Inspection.

“They’ve made some progress,” Sher­man said. “They have cleaned it up and they have worked on the safety issues.”

Officials issued more than 30 letters in May, citing Pine View on more than 130 individual code violations. The violations stemmed from a sweep made by a task force of agencies, which included code enforcement, sheriff’s deputies and health officials, after an infant was found dead in a trailer in April. Police said the 5-month-old’s body was covered with insect and rodent bites.

The code violations included faulty wiring, shoddy maintenance, rodent infestations and open sewage lines.

Pam Costabile, the city’s code enforcement manager, said all the health and safety issues, including the open sewage lines, had been taken care of, so no tenants will have to vacate their homes.

She said the owners had secured all the vacated trailers and ensured the utilities for each were disconnected. She expects they will submit a plan by Friday to address the remaining issues.

Part of the plan will include the owners supplying documentation of plumbing and electrical work on the homes. Several of the structures are expected to be demolished, she said.

“As they start making repairs and getting ready for new occupants, we will be inspecting the trailers before people move in,” Costabile said.

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