Cleanup of vegetable oil spill in Aiken County under way

A spill involving about 250 gallons of vegetable oil is being cleaned up near a Warrenville biodiesel plant, according to the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control.

“We are responding to this incident and cleanup is still on-going,” agency spokesman Adam Myrick said.

The spill originated at Green Valley Biofuels LLC, which recycles waste oil and other materials to make biodiesel. In a report filed by the company with the National Response Center, the spill was attributed to operator error and caused by a valve on a “tote container” being accidentally left open overnight.

The spill was first discovered March 22 and cleanup work remains under way.

“They have removed most of the product from the ‘ditch’ area and are still working on clean-up in the ‘wooded’ area,” Myrick said, adding that the material has been contained.