"Nuclear island" taking shape at Plant Vogtle Unit 3

Workers are setting the basemat rebar for Plant Vogtle’s new Unit 3 nuclear reactor, scheduled to begin producing electricity in 2016.


“This is one of the first major activities since receipt of the Combined Operating License,” a company spokesman said.

The $14 billion expansion project, for which site work has been under way three years, was given its combined operating license by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Feb. 9, authorizing both the construction and operation of the first new commercial power reactors built in the U.S. in a generation.

Last month, some of the largest components arrived, including portions of a steam condenser that will weigh 3,600 tons after the pieces are assembled at the site.

Unit 4 is scheduled to go online in 2017.

The project is expected to create up to 5,000 temporary jobs. The completed units will create 800 permanent positions, along with enough power for 1.4 million people.








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