Empty Stocking Donors 2011

Previously acknowledged $100,721.46


Winifred and Harold Johnston $25

In memory of friend Adam Story
from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Dad from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Beverly Logan
from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Mom and Dad
from Joann Mullan $20

In memory of Mary Ross from Joann Mullan $20

In loving memory of my mother,
Sarah Usry Elliott from Carlene Murphy $50

In loving memory of my brother,
Hughes Usry and my sisters,
Louise Usry Connell and
Mary Usry Johnson from Carlene Murphy $50

In loving memory of my wife
Jerone Robbins Thompson from
Lee Thompson and sons, Rod, Steve
and Jerry Thompson $50

In loving memory of my husband, Reuben D. Carver Sr., parents Harve and Maggie
Quarles, sister Inez and brother Kinzel $50

In memory of Raymond W. Holmes
from Thomas and Judy Murphy $100

In loving memory of our parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Baab and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Sudrabin from Bill Baab $50

In loving memory of Daisy McDonald
from the Leiden Family $1,000

Cynthia and Mark Shamley $20

This is my gift to my son and daughter-in-law
per their request from Susan Rouch $50

In memory of Gabriel Wilkie
by Winston and Linda $25

In memory of our grandfather, R.A.
(Bobby) Lewis from your grandchildren $50

In memory of William H. Wilcher
from Rodney and Gail Wilcher $100

In memory of Dan and Lillian Smoak $100

Charles and Denna Lee Borup $100

In memory of my husband, Frank, and
my son, Michael, from Dorothy Gearhart $25

In memory of our friend and colleague
William Weston IV from Blanchard
and Calhoun Insurance Agency $495

In memory of Kay Moon
from Dr. W. Harold Moon $50

In honor of my two grandsons,
Fripp McDougal and Crawford McDougal
from Gene Palfrey Ellis $100

In honor of our grandchildren,
Mack and Mattie from
Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Abbott III $200

In memory of Ethel McCall $25

Merry Christmas Ryan Casey Creech!
We love you and miss you very much!
Love Daddy, Tracy, Nanny, and Granny B $10

The Holloway Family $25

In honor of Preacher Marion Jay,
from The Salways $50

In memory of Stretch and Maryanne
from Christopher, Morgan and Katie $100

In memory of Tom Walsh $25

Rob and Mary Whitfield $100

In loving memory of
Kenneth and Elean Griffin $250

In honor of Aaron, Seth, Harris and
Hayden from Nana and Papa $100

In memory of Isie, Bertha and Max Simon $45

In memory of “Howard P. Jolles
and Henri L. Schlifka” $25

Craig and Margaret Ellis $50

In loving memory of Raymond E. Dufresne $20

William and Sandra Ferguson $25

“We Care” $20

Walter and Linda Jung $10

In loving memory of Granny Teenie Fancher $75


Total today $3,760.00

Total for 2011 $104,481.46


Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $97,178.46

In Loving Memory of Wonderful Parents and Grandparents: Raymond and Marian “Tee” Loyal and Nelsie Tapley From Tony, Carol, Philip, & Evan $100

Mark & Cecelia Givens $50

Merry Christmas! From: Stuart Fulcher and Kayla Fulcher $350

Anonymous $25

In Memory of Steve Jobs $100

From: ET Industrial Supply Co.,Inc. $100

In Memory of Dorothy & Jesse Battle $250

In Memory of Richard and Ruth Burnett $50

In Honor of Glover R. Bailie, Jr., Bowdre P. Mays,Jr. And In Memory of Mr.& Mrs. Stephen H. Conger, Alfred Martin, Mr.& Mrs. Henri C. McGowan Jr. & Mr.& Mrs. Robert T. Sanders $200

Merry Christmas Sade and LaShai Scott from Colorado Springs, CO $50

From: James L. Wilson $50

From: Jim & Becky Griffin $25

From: Cathy P. Green $20

In Memory of Jack Widener Sr., Nita Widener Boatwright, Sherman & Bea Coan by Byron & Candice Widener $50

In Memory of: Leahman, Flo, & Marvin $100

In Memory of Nana $100

In Memory of Adolf Ruhland $15

From: Welch’s Class Lewiston Elementary School $30

In Memory of Fernando Bulhoes $15

In Memory of Frank Fisher $100

In Honor of Julia & Sonny Gaston $500

In Honor of The Grace Girls Sunday School Class, First Baptist Church, Augusta, Georgia $10

Anonymous $100

Merry Christmas from Regina, Marco, and Thomas Mueller $100

Rachel, Hayley, Dipti, Miko and Claire $25

Peace on Earth and Good Will $100

Merry Christmas from Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout $75

Angie’s Steak and Seafood Pollards Corner, Staff and Customers $61

Friends at Club Car $792

Total today: $3,543

Total this year: $100,721.46


Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $89,123.46

In Memory of Marsden and Wenona Averette and Nicholas Erneston $150

From Braydon and Carter Goff $50

Anonymous $20

From Russell and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100

In Memory of our Papa Art Delmerico from Mia and Sam $20

In Honor of my Grandchildren, Logan Casto, Gillian Casto, Robert Casto $100

In Memory of Matthew B. Aitken $10

In honor of our Daughter, Dianne Stewart.

Everyone deserves a little smile for Christmas.

Ron & Edie Zareck $25

In Memory of Loved Ones $100

From: First Baptist Church (Mrs. Wiggins Class) $15

In Memory of Barbara Baxley. Given in love by:

Helen Kanavage, Peggy Chancey $50

In Memory of Terry Barwick and Michael Brown $200

In Memory of Ms. Gene Clark from Murphy & Robinson Opticians, Walton Way $100

In Loving Memory of our Father, Marion F. Brinkley Sr. $50

Merry Christmas from S.J. & F.N. $100

Count Your Blessings, Anonymous $100

From Jessie and Tammy Dees $50

From Dr. W. Larry and Mrs. Sara Hogue $100

From Mary Lee $100

In Memory of Maude and Hugh Brinson, Millen $50

From James and Jacquelyn Glover $25

In Memory of Marise Kuhlke’s Parents, Feliz Navidad $35

In Honor of Ryan and Casey Sebert $25

With Unlimited Appreciation for Brad Berry Bowman from a Grateful Friend $10

Susan Rowlett $100

Michael and Addi Cheesborough $50

In Memory of Woodrow and Hazel Armstrong $50

In the name of Jesus Christ $50

Nice Guy $50

Mom and Dad $50

Jody $20

Jerel $20

The Mura-Gill Family $25

In Memory of “Chef” James Clark $200

David Higley $25

The Employees of Zaxby’s $500

Lucy Ayers $40.00

Jane French $50

Daniel and Debra Brodowski $100

Five Star Moving Inc. $250

In Memory of our beloved Matriarch, Daisy McDonald from The Leiden Family $1,000

In Memory of Robert Padgett $25

Betty Landen $100

G. Lionel Zumbro, Jr., MD $250

Mittie Conners and Maria Nicholson $50

Anonymous $50

In Loving memory of Cecil and Ruby Earp $100

Have a Happy Christmas! $150

In Loving Memory of Sidney Lucas Clark $10

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Jay Dennis by Jack and Cathy Lester $100

In Loving Memory of Aunt Gert, Raymond, Jessica, Fran and Jessica from M, M, J and J $50

In Memory of Al Smith who was a wonderful father to his 6 children. I miss you, Daddy $25

I Hope this will help! $200

Susan, Stuart, Rachel, and Geoffrey Marks $150

In Memory of my mother, Eileen Shrewsbury From Maureen Bravo $50

In Loving Memory of John and Lois St John $25

In Loving Memory of Betty J. Fulmer and Morris L. Fulmer $200

Anonymous $15

In Memory of James Bruce Campbell $200

Anonymous $40

Traci and Jeff Simless $500

Joe and Barbara Ellington $50

In Loving Memory of Kendall McCall and Lewis McCall $25

Anonymous $250

In Memory of Maddie and Ava $100

Astrid and Mario Winkler in honor of our grandchildren Kaitlyn, Olivia and Emma $60.00

Tom and Leslie Barrett $50

Sidley Family $100

In Memory of David “Sandman” James $50

In Honor of Lisa, Amanda, Joel and John Bryan Lillard and my parents Jimmy and Sara Lillard by John Lillard $50

In Loving Memory of Major Michael Dean Raley from Michelle, Bobby, Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout $25

In Honor of the owner’s of W.A. Bragg and Company; from their employees, Merry Christmas! $290.00

Wishing you the very best in 2012, mother and daddy. Merry Christmas, Love, David and Maribeth $50

In Honor of Tom Dozier from The employees of Gold Mech Inc. $500

Total today: $8,055

Total this year: $97,178.46


Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $86,108.46

In loving memory of our Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Mama (Granny), Dad (Pop). We love & miss you all! From Bill, Eddie, Cindy, Tony, our children & grandchildren. $100

In honor of all my children and grandchildren from Murf $500

In memory of Andrew and Robert from Langdon & Carolyn Atkins $100

Merry Christmas from the Lawson family! $70

In memory of parents and brothers $100

In memory of Wade, Ag and Pop, and Maima $200

In loving memory of Martha Patricia Dunaway Murphy $100

In loving memory of Herman Sr. & Lula Mac Allen $50

In memory of my father Roger Denning $100

In celebration of Eve $100

From Larry and Karen Stein $20

In honor of our clients and friends from Linda & Melvis $300

In loving memory of my husband Tom McGee $20.00

In memory of Robert, Minnie, and Carolyn $50

From Todd L. Backhuus $20

Anonymous $50

In memory of Tony Ivey, Bill Brunkow, Rick Montgomery, Wes Hutto and Huhg Inglett $50

In honor of our grandblessings...MacKenzie, KaLeigh, Aiden, Dawson, Jared, Maddie, & Max $35

In memory of Marcy James $25

In loving memory of Milledge M. Peterson, Jr. & Mr. and Mrs. Milledge M. Peterson, Sr. by Pat & Sam Bradley $50

In loving memory of Terry Gordon Lunceford $25

From Janice W. Brewer $10

In loving memory of Rosetta Jones $110

From the Lalonde family $50

Merry Christmas $125

In memory of Walter and Ruby Patrick $100

In loving memory of Nell Childs $25

Merry Christmas from the employees & staff of Scale South, Inc. $500

Anonymous $30

Total for Dec. 22: $3,015.00

Total this year: $89,123.46

 *Previously reported in error

In loving memory of my wife Judy Vann from Lewis Vann $50


Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $79,341.30

In Memory of my Wife Mary Catherine Grealish Sullivan $25

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men $100

In Loving Memory of Jerry & Prissi $25

Manav Mohanty of Martinez. He is our grandson and 3 ½ years old. We wish also Peace on Earth. $25

In honor of William & Maggie Salley, Salley & Thomas Wilson, & John, Ben & Charlie Salley $350

Anonymous $175

Mrs. Blount and Mrs. Sandi’s K4 Class at First Baptist, Augusta $250

In honor of our son Michael Hall $25

In memory of Orville and Mrytle Steele $20

In memory of Henry and Alice Goldman $20

Merry Christmas from Mary Ellen, Curry, Camille, Harry, Macon, Berkeley and Charlotte $100

May this small token of love help in some way. $25

In Honor of Mallory, Mason, Cooper & Kailyn $25

Merry Christmas from Brandy, Ludwig, & Louie $60

In honor of our grandchildren Addison and Annie Rae Reeves from Charles and Mary Reeves. $50

In Loving Memory of Nelle, Heather and Todd from Bob & Jordy $50

In memory of Mrs. Kathleen K. Smith, Mrs. A.R. Roan, and Ryan Lariscy $100

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Roscoe Brigham $250

In Memory of J. Logan Kitchens by his family $25

From Harold Westley and his deceased sister, Mattie Golphin $50

In Memory of Sam, Nellie, & Doris Blackwell $100

In loving memory of my wife, Judy Vann. $50

In Loving Memory of Marie Clement $25

In loving memory of Angelia Sullivan, Little Nat, Clarence Brown Jr., and Voodoo. $20

In Loving Memory of Ken (Frank) Chalker. We miss you dearly! $10

In honor of our cats. Ginger, Snowball, and Callie! $10

In Loving Memory of our mom, Judith Ward. Gone but not forgotten. We miss you! $30

In loving memory of my father, Albert L. Bivines and a friend who was like a father to me, Walter S. Williams. $100

From William and Patricia Colbert $100

To the Glory of God and In Memory of Wesley and Juanita Widner from Children and Grandchildren $50

Anonymous $10

In memory of loved ones from Rob and Barbara Graybill $25

Merry Christmas from Thurman and Marcella Slusser $15

From: Eleanor C. Cross $100

In Loving Memory of my son, Eddie Hornyak, and also In Memory of my Mom & Dad, Jean & Bob Morris. $100

In Honor of the Allison, Atkinson, Fuller, Lanier, M. Jennings, & S.Craig Families. $50

In memory of Mama, Daddy, Henry, Max, and Putney. $25

Anonymous $50

From Liam, Camille, Drew, Hannah, and Ella. $50

From: James and Chong Reynolds $50

In honor of our grandchildren Ben, Hunter, Mackenzie, and Morgann. $100

From: Candies R. Gerald $50

In loving memory of Robert Lee Hayden $25

From: Clara and Stanton Grady Hill $50

In Loving Memory of Ruby Lee Jenkins and Betty Jackson $25

From Stanley and Donna Jenkins $20

In memory of Kathleen Rosling and Edwin Baker $50

Anonymous $1

In loving memory of Cindy; Father, Mother, and Son $25

In Rememberance of Family From Alvetta Carroll $100

From Sarah, Phoebe, and John Clark $100

Anonymous $25

In honor of Mrs. Wiggins’ K-4 at First Baptist Church of Augusta. $200

Anonymous $25

From Episcopal Day School $846.01

From: Donald and Donna Hallman $50

From Charles and Joeann Williams $20

In memory of Louise K. Dickson $1,000

From Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Maddocks $100

In memory of our son, Bobby McCrary, from Nell and Larry McCrary $100

From: Warren and Vickie McCorkle $25

From Ebenezer Scrooge $25

In Memory of Doris Canady $25

From Martin and Marcia Kennedy $50

From Bonnie and Tommie Ford $50

In Loving Memory of Gerald “Pops” Phalin $25

In memory of Becky Herrity by Joe Herrity $100

In Loving Memory of Mary Colley Stewart $25

In memory of Cricket $25

In Honor of the Joys of my Life: Peyton and Parker $50

From: William and LaVerne Holmes $100

For Lucille, Emma, Eva, James, and Susan from Don and Betty Hostetler $50

Anonymous $30

From: The Golden Agers of Elim Baptist Church $300.15

Anonymous $50

“In memory of” Ivie and Jimmy Lee $20

In memory of Matthew B. Aiken $40

In memory of Joe R. Owens, Sammie Lee Owens and Cynthia Fay Owens $20

James Adams, Jr. $25

Bonnie Washburn $100

Total for Dec. 21: $6,767.16

Total this year: $86,108.46


Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $74,397.30

Gene and Laura Rollins $500.00

In honor of Hinata Chavez 100.00

In memory of the Rev. Ray Fowler and Mrs. Hazel Fowler 20.00

In honor of the Christ Child 100.00

In memory of my Brother Wayne Bailey from Richard E. Bailey 100.00

“Merry Christmas” Ken and Richard Bailey, Bailey Development LLC 200.00

Pamela Ham 25.00

In memory of Earl and Dick by Jean Hilderbrant 50.00

In loving memory of my mother, Annie R. Mundy and my brother, Billy Mundy 30.00

In memory of Billy and Irene Horne 25.00

The Sisters of Alpha Delta Kappa (ADK) Sorority in North Augusta, South Carolina 130.00

In memory of my parents Joseph and Joyce Sampson, my beloved husband J.T. Richardson and my beloved daughter Julane Davidison, from Janice and Jason Richardson 50.00

David Clark 25.00

In memory of Tom and Frances Daniel 50.00

In memory of Joyce and her son Patrick 50.00

In memory of Edna and Dudley Bowen, Elsie and Pepper Martin 100.00

Patrick and Monique Catalini 50.00

John and Doris McManus 25.00

Fannie Fair 25.00

Anonymous 50.00

Gary Berg anbd Pick Chen Chai 100.00

G.G. and O.T. Hoard 50.00

In loving memory Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Washington Sr. 25.00

Olin and Drucilla Wood 3.00

In memory of Gram, Granma and Grandpa 100.00

Janice and Perry Austin Jr. 25.00

In loving memory of my brother, Bob White 25.00

Blanche Riley 10.00

“In memory of Paul and Ida Bennett and Andrew and Carmela Wagner 200.00

In memory of Dundo 100.00

The Wednesday Bridge Club 10.00

“The Shingleton Family” 150.00

Ricardo and Cynthia Azziz 200.00

U and J 50.00

“To our friend’s at Grennfiled” Kathy and George Blackburn 200.00

Outreach Inc. 821.00

Dorothy Kyler 25.00

“Merry Christmas” Carole and Richard Bailey 250.00

Diane Drake 40.00

“In honor of my Son-in-Law Leon Ray” 200.00

Bill and Delaine Dalzell in memory of our fathers Ed Gillespie and William Dalzell, Sr. 100.00

“In memory of Bill Lovett” 100.00

Title I/Ga Pre-K Department Richmond County Board of Education 455.00

Total for Dec. 20: $4,944.00

Total this year: $79,341.30


Monday, Dec. 19, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $73,157.30

Saba, Sweet face baby girl love puppy of all time $100

Merry Christmas! Donna and Robert Hardwick 100

In memory of Myra Poling Truelove and all others that are missed by their loved ones this Christmas Season 50

Anonymous 25

In memory of Eugene Grove 25

Jeffrey Hendry 25

In memory of L.B., Cocoa, Miss Molly, Jake, Brandy and Windy and Misty from Patti and Gene 50

In loving memory of Mrs. E.W. Poppell and Margaret and Marion Poppell 25

Carolyn Garner 100

Hubert and Frances Anderson 100

Raymond and Ann Washington 150

Brett, Bart, Troy, and Tony 100

Jan and Kurt Menger in memory of Jewell Barnes Menger and in honor of Lou Harris 100

Anonymous 30

Edie Walden 35

In loving memory of Dora Villemain and JoAnn and Bob Harpring 100

Marian Harelik 25

In loving memory of my husband Joe M. Wheeler from Doris 100

Total for Dec. 19: $1,240.00

Total this year: $74,397.30


Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $71,557.30

Anonymous $100

In honor of The La-La’s Merry Christmas $50

Terry and Helen Egan $100

Ashley Walker $15.00

For anyone needing help. Merry Christmas Bill and Karen Balez $50

Lauren and Philippe Erramuzpe $200

In memory of my son Jamie Bartley $50

In memory of grandmothers Woodward and Sanders $50

In loving memory of Juanita Ivey, John H Peebles, Jr. and Larry (Tony) Peebles Sr. $125

In memory of Andy Stewart, and Chummy $50

The Small Family $75

Grands: Wreking Crew Kennan, Kendall, Kam and the Bears $25

Fleissige Lieschen: Carol, Renate, Ingrid, Uschi, Ursula and Hilde $50

In loving memory of Diamond “Tinkerbell” Hawkins from Garden City Panthers M.U. $150

In memory of Allan and Elaine Gates, Pam and Tim Punch $50

Anonymous $10

Merry Christmas! $200

Dr. Geri Harmon $50

Columbia Middle School Students $200

Total for Dec. 18: $1,600.00

Total this year: $73,157.30


Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $68,812.30

William, Gray, Lee, Mary Ellis, Alden and Benjamin $300

In memory of Jeannie S. Burris 30

In memory of Mary T. Stone 30

Harry and Carolyn Elam 25

In loving memory of Diane Murzynowski and Sylvia Howard 125

Joe and Sylvia Cheek 100

Peggy and Tom Lovelace 100

In memory of our dear friend, HuLinda Baggett 50

In memory of Elma and Hammond Burkhalter and Lavern Toole, by Mary Lee Toole 100

In loving memory of my husband, Bill Price, by Barbara 100

Alan Rickman 25

Larry and Dianne Pittman 10

Betty Tanner 25

In memory of Allen Tudor from Martha Tudor 100

In honor of Dana, Elaine, Jenny and Patricia from Martha Ponder 40

John and Pamela Ertz 30

P and P Sales Inc 100

Anonymous 25

In memory of Agnes Story Davis, my mother 100

Larry Rachels 25

Sertoma Club of Augusta 200

Scott Sommers 25

Irvin Levy 25

Lawanna and Bill Cobb, keep Christ in Christmas 100

In memory of Carl, by Frances Bagley 50

Nancy and Gregg Karlberg 100

Dianne and Edward Gladd 100

Doris Bounds 10

The Saint Margaret Circle of the Church of the Good Shepherd, with all best wishes 50

In memory of Annabelle Holman and Ruth Scharff 200

Sen. and Mrs. Jessie Stone 100

In loving memory of our grandaughter Mallory Elise Jason from Obed M and Louella Rogers 50

In honor of our grandson Jonathan Jason from Obed M and Louella Rogers 50

In memory of the love of my life, Cotton Harris and our children, Ronnie and Jan. And in honor of our son John David from Ruth Harris 100

In memory of my parents, Fred W. and Effie G. Hill 25

For my Blessings Sarah, Michael, Gage and Bubba 25

In memory of John Louis Francisco Sr. and J.D. Paugh, RCSO 10

In honor of my children John L. Froncisco III and Tara L. Danielson 10

In memory of my parents, Edna and John Graves 25

In honor of my daughter and son-in-law, Paula and Brian Henderson 25

Vivian and David Kinder 25

Total for Dec. 17: $2,745.00

Total this year: $71,557.30


Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $66,672.30

In honor of our grandchildren Grant, Charlie, and Zoe Love, Yiayah and Buffy $75

In memory of Dr. James L. Adkins, Sr. from Buck and Vera $50

In memory of John L. Murray, Jr. from Buck and Vera $50

Marquerite McNeil $100

In memory of Grannyan, Grannypa, Axie, G.G, Bumba, Granddaddy Gibbons, Grandmother Gibbons and Mena $100

From Olivia $50

In memory of my husband Ray, and sister Doris Kappes $50

Lani Luciano $100

Charles and Cheri Cutler $25

Marino Pelosi $50

Roger Sanderson $35

Robert LaFrance $300

In the Name of Beverly, Debbie, Pam and Bryan $100

In memory of Crick Perry $50

In memory of Robert B. Lamar $50

W.F. Martin $25

In loving memory of Tony Gill $10

In loving memory of Beth Bieller $10

David and Lisa Burdick $25

Hugh and Diane Beckwith $50

Anonymous $100

Ernest, Gloria, Dawn, Kendra and Naya $50

Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity $300

David and Shirley Arens $50

Neita and Doyle Buck $25

Willie and William Chiles $25

June and Bill Rooks $50

Anonymous $100

Carl Hill $10

In honor of Alison, Reed and Ian $25

Richard and Barbara Abraham $100

Total for Dec. 16: $2,140.00

Total this year: $68,812.30


Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $63,445.30

In honor of three dear friends Jean, Mary and Martha $50

In memory of our PaPa from the Rushing family $50

In loving memory of Greg Schweitzer $50

In memory of Keith Benning $25

In memory of Deputy Wesley Mack, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, and all our fallen comrades in law enforcement by the Fraternal Order of Police $200

The Creel-Harison Foundation $1,082

In memory of Monty and Else $100

In memory of Bill Greene $50

“In memory of Skooten, Scamp, Sulli and Chu” $100

For “Toby” $100

In loving memory of my Husband Arnold J. Kellos Sr. $25

Mary Quinn $20

Anonymous $200

Catherine Liu Hsu $50

Grace Humphries $100

In loving memory of my husband Paul E. Hyatt $25

In memory of Jerry P. O’Hara Jr. by Jerry and Beverly O’Hara $50

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Adams $10

In memory of Paul M. Colohan Sr., Karen Courter, Alexis Colohan-Cannon, Adam Colohan and Nathan Colohan $25

Anonymous $20

Anonymous $100

Robert and Sue Caldwell $25

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Joe Kardos and Eddie Taylor $100

Frances Mingledolph $25

Frances Tarte $100

Carey and Anne Hembree $50

Darryl and Angela Tom $100

In honor of our daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren from Ervin and Carolyn Parker $50

Hephzibah United Methodist Church $100

In memory of Ray Boutwell, Richard Boutwell and Harold Rutti from Mary L. Boutwell Rutti $100

Donald and Judy McWhorter $25

In honor of Mary Sydney and Peyton $50

“Voncille Tudor” $25

Merry Christmas Dot and Ed Velky $20

Total for Dec. 15: $3,227

Total this year: $66,672.30

* Previously reported in error

In memory of Preston and Beau Hillman and Annie H. Swann $100


Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $58,062.30

In memory of Fred and Ruby Ashcraft $50.00

Owen Brigham I’m three $3.00

In memory of Wiley and Frances Smith $40.00

In honor of Stanley & Katherine Wheatley $40.00

Karen and John Hayes $50.00

In memory of Marion White Linder $200.00

Robert & Peggy Medlin of Evans, Ga. $100.00

Given in memory of Will $50.00

Lula Collier $10.00

Geoffrey and Nancy Wells $100.00

In honor of the staff at Washington Road Publix $100.00

The Dunbar’s $25.00

In memory of my son Ronnie McNew $20.00

Anne Garris $30.00

In memory of Katie and Pat Murphy $25.00

In memory of William and Louise Sherrer $10.00

Don and Jean Ruddy $200.00

In memory of Preston and Beau Hillman $100.00

In memory of Tommy Winters from Mom and Dad $50.00

In memory of Barbara Mulherin $25.00

In memory of Leonard Damiano $20.00

“To celebrate our 56th Wedding Anniversary” $300.00

In honor of all returning soldiers from Afghanistan $200.00

In memory of our dear friend Bob Newton from the Thursday night card group $50.00

In loving memory of William L. Martin and Dora R. Villemain $100.00

Mary Martha Circle Aldersgate United Methodist Church $25.00

In loving memory of Sam Beckum Sr., Harold Young, Betty Norris from Margaret Beckum $100.00

In memory of my sister Vera Whitener By Richard E. Bailey $100.00

William A. Pierce, Sr. and Family $100.00

Given in memory of Iris and Ginny $50.00

In honor of Thomas Watson and Lucy Elizabeth Keith Millican $750.00

Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne $25.00

In loving memory of Harold Young from Helen, Kenneth and Sue $100.00

Lillie Bynes $20.00

In loving memory of our parents Ariel and Geneva Thornhill from Theo and Virginia Reid $50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crawford, Jr. $20.00

Anonymous $50.00

Karnig and Mary Kurkjian $100.00

McMichael Land and Timber $100.00

In loving memory of my parents Margaret and Marion Alston $100.00

Donald and Joan Wanner, Jr. $20.00

George Walton Lodge $100.00

Ralph Taylor $50.00

James Allen $100.00

Anonymous $150.00

Louis and John Ellingson $25.00

In memory of Doris and Frank $50.00

In memory of Cora and Jess $50.00

Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Chapter Teacher’s Sorority $100.00

Joyce and Lawton James, Jr. $200.00

In honor and memory of my mother “Jo” Christian by Carole Bailey $100.00

Roy and Karen Davis $50.00

In loving memory of my best friend Anna B. From your buddy, Sam. Rest well $25.00

In loving memory of Jennifer Simless $100.00

Allen and Candace Slavens $100.00

Jane and Bill $100.00

In honor of Tom Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200.00

In honor of Tommy Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200.00

In loving memory of our parents by Reed and Jeri Wakeley $50.00

Nathan Bell Love All $25.00

Total for Dec. 14: $5,383.00

Total this year: $63,445.30


Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $56,107.30

Charles Williamson III $150

Sandra and Daniel Leonard $25

Michael and Laurie Myers $25

Kathleen Cook $100

Jerry and Earlenen LaFontaine $50

Kate and Stephen Ferguson $25

Lynn and Sheila Crosby $100

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

William and Cynthia MeKettrick $100

Anonymous $50

John and Mildred Barber $250

Rhubarb $25

Marcus Holston $50

Christine Morgan $100

Frederick Fidler $50

J.R. and C.F. Dzaugis $200

Lenora Bacon $10

Dennis and Carol Murphy $20

Order of Ahepa Chapter 407 $100

Anonymous $500

Total for Dec. 13: $1,955

Total this year: $58,062.30

* Previously reported in error

In loving memory of our dear friends Jim Wiley and Harry Glass and in honor and memory of our men and women of the military and law enforcement. Wayne and Marie Wright $35

Campbell E. Harison $25


Monday, December 12, 2011

Previously acknowledged $55,007.30

In honor of “50” Anniversary! 12-12-11 Floyd and Cornelia $50

In loving memory of my Wife Ruth L. Thieme by Carl H. Thieme $50

Janice Nelson $75

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $50

Ann and Michael Henderson $50

In loving memory of our dear friends Jim Wiley and Harry Glass and in honor and memory of our men and women of the Military and Law Enforcement $35

In honor of grandchildren Gage and Zoe $25

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $50

The “Leisurettes Bridge Club” In memory of Sarah Avery Washington $100

Dorothy Carpenter $25

In memory of Courtney Calvert from Bob and Nina $50

John and Mary White $15

Anonymous $50

Roberta Barbadora $50

In honor of Aiden C. Weir from Damma and Bobbie $25

Merry Christmas! Chester and Carol Howard $25

In loving memory of Ward S. Claussen $25

John and Renee Bryant $25

In memory of Toby $50

In memory of Janie $50

In honor and memory of my Father-Foster Christian By Carole C. Bailey $100

In honor and memory of my Mother-Annie Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

Total for Dec. 12: $1,100

Total this year: $56,107.30


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Previously acknowledged $51,557.30

Happy Holidays! From the Majors Family Ray, Vanessa and Little Ray $25

Marcia and Bob Scaggs $25

In loving memory of our sister, Janet Swint, Love Larry, Angie, Annette and Ken $50

Peggy and Carleton Duvall $200

In loving memory of our parents John and Jeanette Haupert and Bill & Dot Burckhardt $100

For David, Melissa, Madison, Megan, Jason, Denise and Riley $140.00

In loving memory of my sister Ramona Carroll $100

Drs. Hal and Rebecca Hobbs $500.00

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $100

In loving memory of our daughter Kimberly Sloan Neibel, Mom and Dad $50

Mike and Lois Gregory $50

In honor of County Nurse Managers and Staff of East Central Health District Public Health Departments by Tammy C. Burdeaux $100

Bob and Kathy Manz $100

Robert and Jane Taylor $25

Harold and Karen Jones $100

Merry Christmas, Happy Healthy New Year from Connie Wendt $100

In loving memory of Elliott and Reba McGinty and Carl L. Chapman from Georgia, Erin, Carl Elliott, Madison and Ethan $100

In loving memory of my mother Mary Murphy, my brother Larry Whittaker and my grandparents Ollie and Lorene Key, With all my love. Donna Griffin $50

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $100

In honor of our precious grandsons, Blake, Dale and Tyler. Love, Nana and Poppa Price. $25

In loving memory of Charlie Ennis from Susie Ennis $50

In loving memory of Ryan Howell from Susie Ennis $50

In memory of J.B. Thompson $50

In honor of MC and Carson $100

Elwood Read $100

From Steve and Ban Jong $30

In memory of John Wayne Siple $50

Merry Christmas From the Prouty Family $50

In memory of Ann Gould, Aquinas Class of 1966. $50

Anonymous $30

The Harris Family $100

Anonymous $200

In loving memory of Doris Paul, Stephania Scozinski and Eugenia Lyles. $75.00

In honor of our beautiful daughter, Lauren Brooke Lowe by Paul & Becky Lowe $100

Anonymous $100

In loving memory of Helen C. Field from the Lunch Bunch $30

In memory of Tommy Burnside from Jane and Jerry Dye $50

Bill and Karen Field $50

In memory of Taddy and Claudia, and in honor of Meg Byars’ birthday (Dec. 11th from a friend) $20

Total today $3,450

Total this year $55,007.30


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Previously acknowledged $47,541.30

Troy Simmons $50

Wesley and Rita Brinkman $100

Robby $20

Jimmie Adair $25

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $100

In memory of Donna and Stephanie Leblanc $100

Merry Christmas! Landon, William and Courtney $25

In loving memory of my parents, Jim and Ruth Dover and my good friend, Pat Hardaway $50

Arnold and Marquin Barrett $100

In memory of Edward S. Occhipinti by Barbara $100

In memory of two special friends, Shirley Johnston and Wayne Boose $50

For our loved ones $25

Mrs. A. Nonny Mouse $15

Sara and Carl $50

In loving memory of our Parents and baby Jared $25

Robert and Luana Grimley $50

In memory of my two beloved husbands Bruce (Chuck) Fornes and Donald E. Albrecht and my beloved son Donald Anthony Fornes $300

Anonymous $26

In loving memory of our son Kevin from Bob and Peggy Stamper $25

James and Judith White $25

In loving memory of our Precious son Tim (Smokey) Rollins, Mom and Dad $150

Roger and Judith Anderson $100

In memory of John E. Thorstad and J.O. Bennett $100

In honor of Chase, Ben, Maggie and Dooley Love Grandma $30

In memory of Dan Morgan $25

Pamela Oblanc $60

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From Bill and Judy Lillis and Kids $40

In memory of Dickie Grice $50

Anonymous $100

Prather Construction Co., Inc $200

In memory of Grandpa, We miss you, Love Miss Haley, Jonathon, Sarah, David, Bryan and Jessica $60

Wilbur and Patricia Shealy $100

Anthony and Myra Ruffino Jr. $50

In honor of our grandchildren and great grandchildren Ed and Tina Wicker, Sr. $100

In memory of Ron, from Lynda Lotz $100

Gary and Carol Snyder $25

William Compton $10

Leo Barnes $30

In loving memory of our Parents Marvin and Betty Hall $25

In loving memory of the Crouch-Armstrong Family $100

Bob Hagen Insurance Agency, Inc. $250

Susie and Amy $200

Augusta Fire Fighters Past, Present and Future $250

Prakash and Deepali Bhende $5

Campbell E. Harrison $25

The Quarles Family $50

Ann and John $100

Ted and Lois Stellern $50

In loving memory of Camille Martin $50

In memory of Patricia Horner and Jeff Turner $20

Alexys Human $20

In honor of Mrs. Goolsby’s Third Grade Class at Evans Elementary $30

Sara Bryan $50

Len Sjostrom’s Sunday School Class $75

Total for Dec. 10: $4,016

*Previously acknowledged in error.

In memory of my niece Jean McDonald Reed from Mrs. Mary Lewis $10


Friday, December 9, 2011

Previously acknowledged $44,541.30

Our four Grandchildren and 2 Great-grandchildren $25

Remember the Reason for the season $50

In memory of Davis and Florrie Toole $25

In memory of Tink and in honor of Sabra Sanders $25

Santa $100

In memory of the Miles Sisters Olive, Mary and Mildred and Mae Bell King Phillips $25

Kyra, Kelsey and Connor $30

Evelyn Buchanan $25

Mr. and Mrs. James Puryear $50

In memory of my husband Neill Commins $25

In memory of Bill, Marie and Betty $100

Ronald and Wanda Kimberly $100

In memory of my husband Howard Anderson 08-14-2009 Wife Joyce T. Anderson another Christmas without you $20

Deavidence Mays $25

In loving memory of Christa and Jerry Stevenson from their children $20

John and Shirlene Orden $25

Monique and Ralph Cauble $25

Thomas and Ruth Hitt $25

Kathy Jackson $20

“To God be the glory” $100

In memory of Charlotte Skinner $50

In memory of Fran Magruder $50

In loving memory of Marvin Richard $25

Priscilla and Clayton Bence $100

Blue Burckhalter $100

In honor of my grandkids Parker, Claudia and Leila Eastmead $60

In memory of Cheryl Gadsby $45

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

John Bush Jr. $100

Stephen and Suu Postelnick $200

In memory of Carolyn Richardson $25

In memory of J. Walter Rex $50

In loving memory of Ellen Lynn Mansberger Forbes from The Mansberger Family $250

Merry Christmas! Natasha and Peter Flores $50

In loving memory of Scott Jarvis from Catherine Jackson Mother $25

Santa $5

Byron and Susan Cruit $50

In loving memory of Lauren Cauthen from Auto Roxanne and Uncle Jim $20

Jerome and Carolyn Hardman $25

In memory of Dan Morgan from Charlie, Jane, SaraJane and Susie $50

Robert and Lucille Weldon $100

“For the Families of the MIA’S” Quin and Pat Herlik $100

Bella Cooke for her friends Duke, Callie, Abby and Harvey $50

In memory of Tommie, Helen and Jack $30

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $200

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brand $100

Nancy and Al Carr $100

Total for Dec. 8: $3,000


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $36,025.40

Given by Catherine and Orville Morris in memory of their son Dennis Morris $25

Ann and Robert Attaway $50

Merry Christmas from Amy Jerome $56.90

Anonymous $50

In loving memory of our son Robert Ware Jr. $50

In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

In memory of Robert R. Todd $25

Tedd and Nancy Antonacci $100

“Shadow the Kat” $100

J.C and Ellen Douglas $25

Norma and Elige Hickman $50

Anonymous $25

Bobby and Lisa Corley $25

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Bilodeau $50

Thomas and Ursula Anderson $25

Michael and Teresa Ekre $25

In memory of James T. Sanders and Elaine Sanders Peppers $200

“In memory of David Wunder” from Chuck and Anne $50

Lorraine Seeby $20

Mary Pileggi $20

William Logan $250

In memory of Dewell H. Rushing $25

Ralph and Victoria Dubois $25

Bobby and Glenice Young $25

James and Phoebe Crimmins $100

Robert and Ghadam Matz $50

Helen and Robert Symms $100

Linda and Lloyd Young $100

In honor of our four children, spouses, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, In memory of one grandson from Bill and Edith $100

Anonymous $25

Nancy and Robert Frey $20

Dianan Anderson $20

Women’s Veterans Club of the CSRA $100

Randy Gantt $25

Emily and Matthew Williams $10

Barbara Murphy $25

In honor of Hamp and Jack by “Bloomie” and Frank $100

C.J. Mitchum $20

In memory of my dear wife Ann of 62 years 1928-2011 from Henry Goldman $25

In memory of Anthony and Helen Donati and Wilma Schillor and Vicki Baker $75

In loving memory of our Dad and PaPa from Nat and Traci $75

Michael and Kathy Dupree $100

In loving memory of Clara Rivers and Richie Regan $50

Maurice and Jeannette Marcotte $25

Anonymous $100

Harold and Janice Fryman $50

In loving memory of my mother, Helly Gerhard $100

Gayle and Hugh Davidson $25

In loving memory of Mrs. Ann Blanchard by her family $50

Richard and Patricia Howard $25

In memory of my husband, Jake, from Mabel Marbach $25

Martha Ostendorff $100

John and Revonda Hall $200

M.C. Cunning $50

Anna and Ronald Osborne $50

Ramona Penn $50

J. David Penn $50

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lodge $50

Merry Christmas from two good friends; Shelby Keefer and Thomas Collingsworth $250

In memory of my niece Jean McDonald from Mrs. Mary Lewis $10

In memory of my dear husband A.J. Lewis and beloved son Ray Dixon, from Mrs. Mary Lewis $40

In memory of Ben and Irene Hulsey $100

In honor of grandchildren and great-grandson, Taylor Austin Trent, Cassie Linnea Trent, Colby Morrell Trent and Javin Maddox Trent from James and Norma Jean Shaver $50

Pa-Granny Holt in loving memory of Kayla Nicole Swearinger $15

Kacy, Kristen, Kellie, Big- Man-Shane and Pa Holt $15

Michelle Matthews $10

Bill and Georgia Kozel $100

The Augusta Chapter of The Links Inc. $144

Robert McGranahan $25

John and Tamara Rutt $100

Merry Christmas! Marcus, Fran, Ward and Caroline Spratlin $100

Carl and Kazuko Bishop $50

Shirley Hermitage $30

Memory Johnson $50

Pamela Jenkins $25

In memory of April Nichols, Love, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayon and Sawyer $50

In memory of Charles Holsonbake, Love your wife Connie Holsonbake $25

In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Story $15

In loving memory of Bud McKee $15

In memory of Jordan Kicklighter from Jim, Judy and Dan $100

Leonard and Marilyn Syphrit $100

In memory of Leland Zeigler $50

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Hiers $50

Anonymous $100

Jackie Sewell 100.00

Ronald and Mary Harrell $20

H.M. Eller $10

Frances Ansley $25

James and Brenda Findlay $50

In memory of James and David $25

Karlette Butler $30

Daniel Graham $500

Anonymous $75

In honor of Joe, Cooper, Menger, McKenzie, Matthew and Jake from G-Man $200

The Kings $50

Anonymous $25

Jerry Pearson $25

Kathy and Harry Rachels $10

Carl and Barbara Brown $50

Barrett, Sara Beth, Ellie, Mary Dennis, and Wiley $250

Uniparts U.S.A. Ltd. Season Greeting, from our family to yours … UUL continues to give and bring joy to family … Lester, Rick, Steve, Tim, Juliet, and Lauren $500

Pat and Steve $100

Mike’s Custom Cycle $10

Paul and Carol Gage $25

Anna Mcnulty $20

In loving memory of our grandparents, Hattie and Harry Pund and Lelia and Erby Carlton $75

Carly $25

In memory of Ricky Anderson $50

James and Cathleen Redmond $25

Guy and Joan Daniels $100

Edgefield Dental Clinic $100

Lill Mannos $25

Elizabeth Pond $100

Susan Schafer $100

In memory of my husband Herman Peskin, MD $100

Miriam Atkins and Schuler Atkins $200

In memory of my son Michael $10

Anonymous $75

Anonymous $100

Mary and Edward Nisbet $25

Kelley and James OQuinn $100

In memory of my husband Ralph Wong $200

Total for Dec. 8: $8,515.90


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $24,333.40

Van Mobley $25

On behalf of Andy and Kathy Pye $50

In memory of “Pop” $50

In memory of Sharon Hutcheson $50

In memory of Ray Stephens from PaPa’s Girls $100

In loving memory of our Opa from Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and Courtney $25

In loving memory of Neet Dubose $50

In memory of Judy and Bill $50

In loving memory of Steven Boileau $25

In loving memory of Ethel Edwards $10

In loving memory of our Precious son, Stephen Lee Crabtree, Parents T.L. and Chris Crabtree $100

In memory of Mrs. Cecil Waller Dempsey $25

In memory of William C. Myles Jr. Wishing for those in need the Grace, Mercy and Peace of God and the Joy of Jesus Birth at Christmas. The Myles Family $25

In loving memory of Bob Gay $200

Bob and Cindy Beattie $100

In memory of Hugh Randall $20

Hal and Doris $100

Starling Funeral Home $500

Marsh and Rebecca Benson $100

In loving memory of my wonderful husband Lucius Forman Mack, Jr. Love Delores C. Mack $50

In memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $25

Charles and Edna Pierce $25

Louie and Ginny Griffin $200

In loving memory of Glenn M. Grandin $200

“With gratitude for our 4 grandchildren Kay, Jonathan, Evan and Miss Mason.” From Bobby and Kay Bryant $75

William Kanto $100

In memory of Nanny, Brannen, Debbie, Ryan and “Biggie” $40

William and Darlene Blosser $100

Capers and Inez Tindal $10

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Robert and Lori Turner $75

Anonymous $25

In honor of our Fury Angel Williford Babies... Past and Present $20

Mike and Julie Newman $25

Mohini Inc $25

Doris and Nickolas Sexton $50

In memory of Mrs. J.E. Johnston $20

In honor of Mrs. Lillie Johnson $20

In memory of Maggie James $10

Grateful for our Little Grandson $20

Anonymous $100

Krista and Covan Goodman $20

Anonymous $25

Paul and Susan Andrews $25

Anonymous $50

Victor and Emma Vakoc $25

Hank Williamson $25

Rodney Thompson $50

“In loving memory of our son, Robbie Gay” $100

Mildred Holmes $25

David and Marion Shuttleworth $25

Michael and Barbara Downes $25

Joyce Rollins $25

Dorothy Raines $15

Robert and Ann Johnson Jr. $25

Sarah and Marvin Jones $25

Nicokle and Paul McDonough $50

Lois and William Blanchard $10

Ocie and Carolyn Wood $25

Sarah Burkhart $20

In honor of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren from George and Janice Wren $25

David and Elaine Anna $25

Kathryn Seyberth $25

“In memory of Mary Ellen Bryan” $10

Christina Troutman $25

Barry and Sherri Fuller $50

Mary Hagan $20

Anonymous $100

Duwana Crosby $10

“In memory of my Mother and Daddy” $25

In loving memory of my husband E.W. Morris from Joyce Morris $50

In memory of Horace, Helen, Harold and Patricia Foss $100

In honor of our Grandchildren Nolan and Levi $50

Barbara McCutcheon $50

Emma Whiters $25

Eloise Curcio $25

Dennis and Det T. Ellis $50

In memory of Southern RR-Augusta Special #31 and 32 $10

Merry Christmas and In loving memory of our Daughter “Angela M. Griffith” $50

Elaine and Nat Kruskol $25

Ervin Clack, Jr. $10

In memory of my dad William A. Garrett $20

In loving memory of Anne and Walter Boliver $500

Eleanor Hanson $50

Glenn Moody $25

In honor and memory of my Father-Artice Bailey. By Richard E. Bailey $100

Jerry and Linda Flanders $50

In memory of Mrs. Rita Governski $100

Wilda and John Apostol $500

Thanks Miss Etta for gettin us in Sandersville Tech $5

In memory of Bob and Jay from Wilma Thiede $100

In memory of Janie and Bubba from the “Monks” $100

In memory of Harry Stuart White $25

Linda Feffer $50

In memory of Lee W. Jurney $50

Raymmond Richards $100

D. and C. Newsome $100

Richard and Margaret Haines $50

Nancy Brown $50

In memory of Husband and Son $25

In memory of Tom Belding Jr. $50

Joseph Whetstone $125

In memory of Ingle Horath and Robert E. Lee Michael $100

In memory of Bob and Gerry Munroe $100

Jason and Sherry Hayes $25

Victor and Mary Johnson $100

Todd Matthews $100

Anonymous $17

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $130

Joseph and Joan Burke $100

Roberta Markevitch 25

In loving memory of my Husband, our Daddy, Opa and PeePaw, James L. Wiley, Sr. from Monika, Dana Marie, James Jr, Adam and Gregory $50

In loving memory of Ray and Michael $50

Total for Dec. 7: $11,692.00


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $19,952.40

In memory of Barbara C. Blissit from Mr. and Mrs. James A. Blissit $100

“In memory of my brother, Dewey F Terry” $50

In loving memory of Kristen Weber Glenn $100

Bob and Mary Gail Nesbit $100

Jim and Betty Murry $50

In honor of our granddaughter “Gracie” Faircloth , Love Nini and Papa $100

George and Barbara Rozelle $35

In memory of Elaine and Lavern Hays, Roy E. Brinkley and Ralph Flegal $200

“L.B. and me” $75

Dorothy and Luther Hall $25

In loving memory of J. Robert Scott $50

Eldon and Beatrice Ensz $25

Given in loving memory of my husband Norm $25

Richard and Denise Cadle $25

Billy, Lily, Brenton and Ellie $100

In memory of Owen Smitherman $100

Elizabeth Blanchard $100

Bellmina Watton $25

In loving memories to my 2 spouses and 2 sons, Gerda Jernigan Romines $50

In memory of my parents and brother $100

Robert and Wendy Scopa $20

In memory of our (Papa Santa) $25

John and Janice McDonald Jr. $100

Albert and Lina Vosefski $20

In loving memory of Nancy H. Farr from Peggy and Gene Floyd $50

Paige Semple $100

Martha and Gene Tanner $100

Kevin Winters $50

David and Jacquelyn Hogan $100

Bob and Joyce Duggar $100

Blessing to all..... Seth Benson $100

David and Kathleen Hunter $25

In loving memory of J.D. from Mom and Dad $100

In memory of Bob Richards by his family $100

David and Shirley Schulte $100

Sergio and Roxann Bustos $75

“In memory of our loved ones” from Jack and Pam Holt $25

Carroll Ellis $15

Dorothy Goodwin $20

In memory of parents Joe C. and Virginia G. Keller and Son Grant $150

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $100

Paul Dunbar $100

Women’s Health of Augusta, P.C. $250

Ron and Carolyn Snider $25

Anonymous $1

William and Marion Melson $35

David and Barbara Beavers $50

William Ekre $100

In honor of granddaughter Ellie $25

Tokiko Altee $10

13 Wonderful grandchildren $850

Total for Dec. 6: $4,381.00


Monday, December 5, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $19,432.40

Anita Lawrence $10.00

David and Kathy Huskey 25.00

Patrick and Joan Bieker 50.00

Bill and Louise Ashby 50.00

Laura Purtz 25.00

Edwin and Shelby Sperr 50.00

Robert and Joan Hust 100.00

Michael Rucker 100.00

Ann Attaway 50.00

Jimmy and Linda Spradley 15.00

William and Ina Vincent 20.00

Thomas and Sherry McFarland 25.00

Total for Dec. 5: $520.00


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $18,687.40

 Ernest and Ruby Daniel $50.00

Thomas Severynse 30.00

Kenneth and Dana Jenkins 100.00

In memory of George A Holley Jr. 25.00

Richard and Sharon Martin 25.00

Bernard Hendrix 25.00

Earl and Helen Cason 25.00

Pat Lange 100.00

Jack Ellenberg 30.00

William and Judith Pitts 50.00

Kathy Williams 50.00

In memory of Barbara 40.00

Donald and Jeanne Amaral 25.00

Clifford and Janet Foster 50.00

Dwight and Massimilla Townsend 30.00

Donald and Susan Allen 50.00

Kathleen Middlebrooks 15.00

Elizabeth Frank 25.00

Total for Dec. 4: $745.00


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Previously acknowledged $16,152.40

William Yarborough Jr. $50

In memory of Kelley Anne Bellamy $50

Aubrey Moore $50

Donald and Peggy White $30

Hannelore and Robert Russell $10

Richard and Barbara Woodring $50

Ava and Lacy Bartee Sr. $50

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $200

Mr. and Mrs. WM. Washington $25

Carmel and Jaya Joseph $250

Daniel and Linda Severance $50

John and Kendra Gogick $100

Anonymous $100

In loving memory of our Son Jose Albino $25

Merry Christmas from Alex and Joyce Fillingim $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. James O. Brady $200

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg $100

Anonymous $200

“Ponce, Puerto Rico” $60

In memory of Carl Chapman $25

Anonymous $200

God Bless America $25

In memory of Jess, Mary, Linda, Bill D. and James B. $100

Grovetown Lions Club $300

Edmund and Mary Booth $100

In memory of my lovely grandmother, Nancy Shield Throwbridge, Mother Mabel Blount, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jim Throwbridge $25

For my dear friend Cheerio $10

Total for Dec. 3: $2,535.00


Friday, December 2, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $14,137.40

Gary and Verne McFerson $50

In loving memory of Harry and Earllene Smith $25

Art and Andy Jacobson $25

Anonymous $25

Paulette and Joe $20

Allen and Diane Strunk $25

Thelma Clark $25

Merry Christmas! Dr. and Mrs. T.S. Key $100

Linda Norton $30

Chip and Paula Matson $50

I.S. and Antopolsky $10

Norma Eargle $10

John Nikander $100

Georgia Johnson $10

Dannie Walker and Margaret Devore $25

Scott and Cheryl LaPointe $20

Ingham’s Income Tax $25

In memory of Connie $20

Donald and Janet Reynolds $100

James and Helen Barry $20

L. Russell Sanders $50

Dennis $10

Ruth Camarote $15

Danny Aycock $50

John Harpring Jr. $25

Suzanne and Mark Pritchett $25

Richard and Ann O’Shea $25

Anonymous $100

Carlos Chiappetto $100

Anonymous $50

Margaret Miles $100

Barbara and John Patrick $50

Jane Enyeart $500

Gloria and William Bramble Jr. $50

In loving memory of Lester Durham from Margaret Durham $50

Dorothy White $20

Blanche, Bobby, and Linda $25

Charles and Edna Walborn $5

Joseph and Eunice Cook $100

Miss Mit $50

In memory of Joseph A. Schneider $200

In memory of my parents, brother and nephew $100

Elizabeth Lavender $20

Lamar’s Land and Home  Services, LLC. $30

Total for Dec. 2: $2,015.00


Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $12,142.40

In memory of “Becky” $25.00

In loving memory of Laura Reeves from Al, Stephanie, Rodney and Cayden 100.00

J.C. and Hilary 25.00

Henry Hicks III 50.00

Joan and George Beaudoin 20.00

Anne Barton 25.00

Mr. and Mrs. James Staulcup 25.00

Cynthia Bayazes 100.00

Carl and Becky Coulson 200.00

Frances Lloyd 10.00

Whitney Pickett 50.00

In memory of Lucille Buch from Mr. J.C. Bush Jr. 100.00

In memory of Lonnie and Evelyn Mallard 50.00

Anonymous 250.00

In memory of Al and Charlotte Scofield 25.00

Don and Jane Winchester 100.00

Larry and Cathy Lingle 100.00

Velma and Winston Bedingfield 50.00

Richard and Geraldyne Plummer 50.00

Maryann Moore 25.00

Huey and Fay Regan 25.00

Dedicated in honor of my two sons, my two daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren 100.00

In memory of Wedge and Ralph 10.00

In memory of Irene and Mike 20.00

In memory of Boop, Caesar, Deister, Poppee and Panky 25.00

For: Layton, Brittany, Mobley, Megan, Carlee and Tzara 50.00

For: Ash, John Patten, Daniel, Madison, Marc, B.B. and Hampton 50.00

In memory of Anna Lois Reed Sims and Johnny Sims 50.00

In memory of Ted Gilmer from Hazel Gilmer and Children Barry, David, Denise and Kathy 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Griffin Jr. 100.00

In loving memory of Dick Frank 100.00

Charles Henry 20.00

William and Carolyn Weitzel 15.00

Total for Dec. 1: $1,995.00


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $9,220.20

Anonymous $10.00

William Weeks 1.20

Edward and Louise Corley 25.00

Barbara Craker 25.00

John and Jeanette Kozel 25.00

Jose and Lynnette Bauza 100.00

Marlene and Herman Murray 10.00

Joan and William Pullum 50.00

Anonymous 300.00

Margie Doolittle 10.00

L.C. and Renae Clevinger 25.00

Kathleen Dezorzi 50.00

Roy and Barbara Keller 75.00

Philip McHugh 25.00

Linda and Crawford Gaines III 25.00

Anonymous 25.00

D.R. Grossman 10.00

John Simowitz 250.00

For Stephanie, Glynn, Claire, Alexis, Alexander, Rowan and Milan 100.00

Fred and Margaret Williams 100.00

Alan and Evalyn Drake 25.00

Dianne Havird 50.00

Marguerite Fogleman 20.00

Anonymous 1.00

Donald and Janet Geckeler 20.00

In memory of Mrs. Dorothy and L.W. Pruitt by Linda Pruitt Carstarphen 50.00

Sarah Johnson 10.00

Frank Rollins 100.00

Rachel Watson 20.00

M. R. and Wendy Buckner 25.00

Eulala Weddle 25.00

Gwendolyn and Edward Heath 10.00

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 63 25.00

Dolores Winslett 25.00

Anonymous 30.00

Robert and Barbara Rowe 25.00

Stanley and Margaret Schrader 100.00

Frederick and J.S. Klippert 100.00

Theodore and Anneliese Foti 500.00

Anonymous 100.00

Deborah Harris and Tom Smothers 40.00

Joan and Michael Boos 50.00

Irvin and Constance Pund 100.00

Hal Herrington Jr. 5.00

William and Blanche Butts 150.00

Mary Lou and Earl Helmly 25.00

Barbara Skinner 50.00

Total for Nov. 30: $2,922.20


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $3,110.20

Aldersgate Methodist Church O’Neil S.S.Class $25

Suburban Garden Club 100

In the names of Jeff, Elizabeth and Will 50

Joe and Shirley Mongold 50

Darren and Diane Lopardo 20

In memory of Matt Harlan 100

Nat, Brennan and Christopher 50

Anonymous 50

Eleanor Gochenaur 10

Charles and Edith Mayer 50

William and Martha Grayson 10

Tjomas and Jennifer Bovitz 25

In loving memory of my grandson Ryan Howell from Dagmar Howell 50

Marion and Charles Livingston 25

Harold and Maryanne Bourne 200

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hootman 100

Lincoln and Marjorie Adams 50

C.W. Kranenburg 10

Bennett and Mary Howell 25

Howard Deaderick 10

Charles and Eunice Calkins 25

George and Carolyn Ogles 25

Edward and Barbara Stapleton 20

Dorothy Jens 50

Concerned Women Inc. 25

Effie McTier 10

Robert and Betty Daniel Jr. 15

Alexander Mura Jr. 30

Sreelekha and Partha Mukherjee 25

Cecelia and Richard Stuhler 50

In memory of Richard Sconyers 100

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester 50

Anonymous 100

Jean Bowles 50

Julia Crowley 50

David and Laverne 50

In loving memory of my dad Ronald Perry 50

Anonymous 10

Nobuko and Bob Webb 10

Marita and Dennis Moberg 200

E.J. and Shirley Holgate 25

Frank and Maureen Maurer 25

Bill Wagner 25

In loving memory of Greg Benjamin 200

William and Janet Phillips 25

George and Marthe Odell 50

Walter and Marilyn Moore 200

Anonymous 100

In memory of Charlotte Wiggins 30

In memory of Dr. Herbert S. Harper 200

In remembrance of Pat Cowan, SFO 120

Lloyd and Carol Lewis 50

Buffy Conklin 15

Stanley and Barbara Nurnberger 50

Ed and Joan 50

In memory of John Pierce Blanchard 35

H AND D 20

Charles and Georgia 25

Phyllis Thompson 100

Mack and Kathie Reid 100

With gratitude for our 6 grandchildren 60

Anonymous 200

Helen Coleman 20

Constan Magoulas 20

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert McCoy 25

W.F.K. and C.A.K 15

Gracie and Michael Joyce 25

Anonymous 50

Robert and Helen Baisden 100

Billy Mitchell 50

Joyce and Robert Humphries 25

Theodore Kolhek 25

William Harrison 50

Anne Cato 50

Connie and Joseph Johnson Sr. 30

Robert Kirkwood 500

“In honor of Cal and Hayes” 100

Brandy Sanders 20

Earnestine Howard 25

Bruce and Pat Pirnie 40

Bud and Grace Holton 100

Kathryne Lee 100

Ella Mae and Rex Thomas 10

B.D. and Suzanne Payton 50

Marilyn Ferrara 10

In memory of John 100

Gregory and Judith Harshfield 100

In memory of Ethel G. Harrison and Dr. and Mrs. “Pepper” Martin from Dianne M. Harper 50

Hannelore and Clifton Srygley 100

In honor of our grandchildren: Elizabeth and Sam Gaston by Julia and Sonny Gaston 30

Ruby Lewis 50

In memory of Emory E. Bargeron 100

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert 25

“The Boerner Family” 100

Lewis Bohler, Jr. 25

In memory of George and Martha Shiveler 20

In memory of Hazel G. Patton, loving mother and grandmother, Love Larry, Kay and Brant 50

Gerhard and Lois Cremer 100

“In memory of Truffle” 150

Margie Ivey 10

Total for Nov. 29: $6,110.00


Monday, November 28, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $10

In honor of MGI and RSG with love $50

Richard and Valerie Hawkins 50

Kenneth and Shirley Stephens 25

Janet Smith 30

Dale and Christel Groenenboom 25

Robert and Dorothy Parrish 100

Paul Lockwood 20

Obed and Doris Cramer 25

Florence Samelson 5

Ruth and Andrew Forbes 20

Lyle and Shirley Glascock 100

Donald and Rebecca McKenzie 50

Angeline Greenwald 15

William and Jacqueline Dulworth 25

Anonymous 20

Kenneth and Ellie McGahee 100

Helene Hall 10

Evelyn and Orion Kujala 20

Linda Tucker 30

Finetta and Donald Hancock 10

Lida Rich 15

Barbara Lariscy 15

A. and M. Bogdanovic 30

Ronald and Teresa Emory 25

Charles Beacham 10

John and Barbara Drew 50

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dunagan 100

Leonard and Mildred Martin 10

Ryan Griffin 15

In memory of Sheri Smyth 50

Linda Corley 20

Lucille Thomas and Wade Dabney 30

Donald Allen 20

Teresa Barnes 10

Alma Bennett 50

Kimberly Stripling 50

Pamela Givens 50

Charles Winberg 25

Unicetine Lewis 10

Janice McCoy 20

In memory of Laura and Aaron Jennings 50

Florence Catchings 25

Raelyn and Michael Dibble 20

Iva Williamson 25

Dorothy Salonick 25

David and Lucy Mork 20

Zenzel Lewis 10

Joseph and Erika Pracht 10

In honor of my Children and Grandchildren 25

Donna and Joseph Monroe 25

Fred and Barbara Rucker 25

Perry and Tammie Austin 25

James and Teri Ferrell 40

In honor of Porter and Carson Eubanks and Sam and Kate Peterson 25

In honor of our Four Grandchildren 100

In memory of Paul Swift 10

Graham and Chris Palmer 10

Irvin and Lore Ingraham 40

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunter Jr. 25

Frank Tobakos 25

In memory of Dad 20

In memory of “Biggie” 20

Cash donated at The Empty Stocking Fund Concert held  Nov. 20 1,165.20

Total for Nov. 28: $3,100.20



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