Summer weather should return to normal this year

Hot summer in the forecast



This summer looks to be hot and normal precipitation-wise, the exact opposite of last year.

Frequent rain and cooler, milder temperatures were the story of summer 2013, and the weather last month might have had some people worried about a repeat this year.

April was the sixth wettest on record with 7.22 inches recorded, more than 2 inches wetter than the same month last year.

However, the three-month outlook suggests wet weather will not continue through the next three months.

Bill Murphey, state climatologist, said there is a slight probability of above normal temperatures for the bottom two-thirds of the state, including Augusta, and an equal chance of above and below normal precipitation.

“So basically you should expect what you normally see during summer,” Murphy said.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a summer hotter than normal with above-normal rainfall especially near the coast. The hottest periods will occur in mid- to late June and mid-July, the almanac says.

So far only a small portion of the state is suffering from a drought, Murphey said. Since January, the Augusta area has had 17.19 inches of rain, which is almost 1 inch above normal.

Outdoor water restrictions are in effect restricting residents to only water between 4 and 10 p.m. In 2004, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources required the entire state adopt year-round water conservation measures.

Bill Clayton, the director of Columbia County Water Utility Department, said he doesn’t expect water restrictions based on odd/even addresses. He said it’s been three or more years since the last time such measures were used, and the county has since increased its production.

Tom Weidmeier, the director of Richmond County Utilities, agreed, saying the odd/even scheduling would probably never happen again.