July 2012 not as hot as last year's



July was hot – and dry – but not as hot as last year.

According to the National Weather Service summary of data recorded at Augusta Regional Airport, the month included six triple-digit days, with the highest temperature – 104 degrees – recorded July 1. Rainfall totaled just 1.46 inches, or slightly over a third of normal.

Last July, however, Augusta recorded 10 triple-digit days that topped out at 103 degrees. The 4.05 inches of rain was closer to normal, but almost all of it occurred during a single thunderstorm, with dry conditions most of the month.

Previous July records for Augusta include seven triple-digit days and 5.86 inches of rain in 2010; one triple-digit day and 3.29 inches of rain in 2009; and one triple-digit day and 4.14 inches of rain in 2008.

If recent history repeats itself, August will be much hotter than July. Records from August 2011 showed that there were 11 days of 100 degrees or more in Augusta, with just 1.16 inches of rainfall.

The forecast calls for highs of 97 today.


Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:57

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