Breast cancer survivor never thought she'd get disease


Breast cancer was the furthest thing from Cathy Reinhart’s mind until her doctor asked her in July 2007 how long she had had the lump in her breast.


The doctor saw it during a routine exam and ordered a mammogram and a sonogram the next day.

No one in Reinhart’s family had ever had breast cancer, so she never thought it would happen to her. When the biopsy came back positive, she was shocked.

She quickly developed the view that it was better her than the next person.

“I’d rather it be me than someone who’s trying to raise small children,” she said. “I’ve had a good life. I’m married (and) have a home that I love.”

Reinhart had a mastectomy on Aug. 8 and, suddenly, it was over. Her doctors determined that her risk of reoccurrence was so low that she would not have been helped by chemotherapy.

“(The doctor) had gotten all the cancer,” she said. “It was over that day. Wow. That was amazing. The emotion is probably the wildest part.”

What surprised her most about cancer wasn’t about her health. It was the insensitive things some people said. One told her she didn’t have cancer because she didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation. Another said she wouldn’t feel like a woman without her breasts.

“I’m like, ‘You’re not serious,’ ” she said. “People say stuff. Do they hear themselves?”



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OCT. 26

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AGE: 54


FAMILY: Husband, Duane Reinhart

OCCUPATION: Ammunition manufacturer at Jarrett Rifles

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: July 5, 2007 – mastectomy and reconstruction

HER ADVICE: “The main thing is, don’t think it can’t happen to you. Men, save a life, grope your wife. Trust the doctors. They know more about it than anyone else.”