Pardon our Mess: Old library

WHERE: Former main library, 902 Greene St.



WHAT: Dying trees, weeds, trash and a condemned building surround the former East Central Georgia headquarters library


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Augusta Utilities is renovating the city-owned building; Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities is responsible for maintenance; Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church owns the condemned building; the nonprofit Trees for Augusta planted several trees by the building last year.


ACTION PROMISED: Bryan Haltermann, the founder of Trees for Augusta, said he wasn’t sure why two of the trees planted last year weren’t thriving, but “the last we checked, those trees at the end (of the block) still have green wood… It’s the nature of planting anything. You do the best you can; most live, but sometimes things happen.” If the trees don’t come back, Haltermann said they’ll look at replacing them in the fall. Weeds by the trees were cut last week but the brown saplings remained.

Tom Wiedmeier, the director of Augusta Utilities, said he expects the area to improve when the department completes a $3 million to $4 million renovation of the building, to be used as Utilities administrative offices and a customer service center for water and sewer customers. Architects Chris Booker and Associates are completing conceptual designs now, he said. There are also plans to buy the condemned structure next door to create a driveway and more parking, he said.


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