Pardon our mess: Westview Cemetery

WHERE: Westview Cemetery, 2051 Division St.



WHAT: Weeds, missing sand and broken brick at grave sites


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities provides perpetual care at all city cemeteries.


ACTION PROMISED: While crews are applying herbicide to the sand plots and attempt to keep the grass cut and weeds at bay, “perpetual care” means, at best, “routine maintenance,” according to Darrell Bennett, the city parks operations supervisor.

“It doesn’t mean new sand, new dirt, (or) every time a brick falls off” it is replaced, Bennett said.

While the department once had three, a single prison crew now assigned to cemeteries five days a week is insufficient to keep the cemeteries maintained, he said.

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Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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