Copenhaver issues statement on Russell firing

Mayor Deke Copenhaver, who was absent for the Augusta Commission’s firing Monday of eight-year City Administrator Fred Russell, has issued a statement on the decision.


“Having worked with Fred for eight years now, I consider him a man who kept the greater good of our city as a whole at the forefront of his decisionmaking process,” Copenhaver said Tuesday. “His job was never easy and I respect his commitment to always moving Augusta forward.

“I respect the will of the body and truly hope the Commission will work with me to help find a qualified replacement as this will not be an easy task, but is something we should all take very seriously at a critical juncture for a city we love and are blessed to serve.

“With all of the transformational initiatives we are currently working on for Augusta the stakes couldn’t be higher and I have faith that my elected colleagues will work together to ensure that they come to fruition.”

Copenhaver has not returned a request for further comment.


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