Pardon Our Mess: Litter on New Savannah Road

Trash litters New Savannah Road near the intersection.

WHERE: The edge of New Savannah Road at Laney-Walker Boulevard

WHAT: Trash strewn along the right-of-way

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Once the litter is reported, the Richmond County Marshal’s Office attempts to determine who left it there. If no litterer is identified, Augusta Environmental Services is in charge of cleanup.

ACTION PROMISED: None. Augusta officials including Administrator Fred Russell and Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson did not respond to inquiries Friday.

Deputy Environmental Services Director Lori Videtto said the litter was too far off the road to reach with a street sweeper, but if no one was deemed responsible for the trash, her department is responsible for cleanup.

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Sat, 01/20/2018 - 18:47

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