Immaculate Conception students question Barrow about shutdown, Congress

U.S. Rep. John Barrow speaks to an Immculate Conception student. He toured the school Monday and answered the students' questions about Congress and the recent government shutdown.

The government shutdown didn’t go unnoticed by some youngsters, who got a chance Monday to put their congressman on the spot about how it happened.


Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga., spent part of the morning answering questions for a curious group of about 70 third- through eighth-graders at Immaculate Conception Catholic School.

The most frequent questions were on the recent shutdown. Barrow planned to visit the school last week but had to cancel and reschedule because of the shutdown.

“Congress was struggling, really struggling,” Barrow said of the shutdown. He described it to the students as similar to their having to stay after school because of being in trouble.

The representative explained to the students how a strong disagreement had led to the shutdown and how it affected 1.8 million families, even those in Augusta.

“It started out being about one thing and ended up being about something else,” he said. “That’s usually how fights are.”

The students also were curious about Congress’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act, a typical day for a congressman, his political party affiliation and how frequently he speaks to students.

Barrow finished off the assembly with a group photo with the students and then a tour of the school.

“I feel really at home in a school like this,” said Barrow, who attended a Catholic school in Athens as a young boy.