Official: Garbage containers should be replaced by Wednesday



Augusta households whose garbage containers were removed last week should have replacement cans by Wednesday at the latest, Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson said Monday.

The roll-off containers, thousands of which are lined up at a Daniel Field Airport staging area, were intended to replace about 7,000 damaged or old cans picked up by a contractor last week in the Summerville and National Hills neighborhoods.

Johnson, who said last week the carts should be replaced in a matter of hours, said Monday that one contractor was doing pickup and a second was replacing the cans.

“So what ended up happening is on the first day they got out of sync,” Johnson said, leaving many families with no garbage can for days. “More carts got picked up than were delivered.”

The issue is the latest in the city’s struggle to implement a new solid waste contract for once-weekly garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup. The transition, which started June 3, has seen thousands of missed pickups of garbage or recycling by either of two contractors hired to do the job.

Johnson said the broken carts will be scrapped and recycled, but the new, full-sized carts should be at customer curbs by Wednesday. Substitute smaller carts, available for a lesser fee, won’t be available until after this year’s billing cycle, Johnson said.

“All cart deployments, like mass delivery, is to be done by Wednesday,” he said.

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