James Brown Arena's new club lounge set to open next month

Construction of the Windsor Room, a new VIP lounge in James Brown Arena named for sponsor Donnie Thompson’s jewelry business, is on track for a grand opening in mid- to late October, officials said.


The second-floor lounge has a bar, covered outdoor patio and restrooms for patrons who purchase annual club passes, available for $700 to $1,000, said Monty Jones, the general manager of the entertainment complex.

Members of the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority unanimously approved a handful of change orders related to the project Tuesday.

“With the way it sounds, we could go over that cap,” authority board member Shirley Darby said of the project’s budget. “Every time we come, there’s something new.”

The changes allow for the addition of a transformer to accommodate large televisions the coliseum hopes area businesses will sponsor, Jones said.

The project, part of a $5 million renovation of James Brown Arena and Bell Auditorium, remains under its $500,000 budget cap, Jones said.

The changes also were offset by the sale of recycled materials removed during construction, facilities director Josh Smalls said. Recycling materials netted the project about $14,000, according to Smalls.

At the authority’s regular board meeting Tuesday, the group also approved its budget for fiscal 2013, which started July 1. The budget anticipates revenues of $700,000 in hotel-motel taxes and expenses of $85,000 for accounting fees and $30,000 for legal bills.

The authority also approved the budget for Global Spectrum, the firm it pays to run the complex. Global’s budget showed projected event revenues including ticket sales of approximately $7.8 million, but an operating loss of about $700,000.

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