Big projects up for approval at Augusta Commission meeting Monday

Like early gifts placed under the tree, several big-ticket items await approval by Augusta Commission committees Monday.


The costliest is a $1.445 million contract award to Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh, an architectural firm selected from seven bidders seeking to complete the initiatives of Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda, which is a master plan covering much of the city’s south side.

According to Monday’s agenda item presented by the city’s Planning and Development Department, the contract award is for completion of only four of the agenda’s initiatives in an area bounded by 15th Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Deans Bridge Road.

The firm will be reimbursed using a federal grant and be assisted by planning and development and Augusta Tomorrow.

Commissioner Jerry Brigham, who leads the finance committee, said it was likely to be pulled off the agenda because of an issue raised by the planning office, for possible consideration later.

Going before the city’s public services committee is a deal with Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau to manage landscape improvements being made along St. Sebastian Way, the city’s new commuter gateway from Columbia County into the medical district.

The landscaping will go on medians on St. Sebastian Way between Walton Way and Reynolds Street, extending up sections of Broad and Greene streets, on Walton Way from 13th to 15th streets and along River Watch Parkway’s downtown/medical district off-ramp.

The $525,000 project includes installation of a $225,000 irrigation system, with $185,000 in city money. Maintenance of the new landscaping will be performed by private parties, according to the agenda item.



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