McLeod joins 12th Congressional District race

Wright McLeod: Augusta lawyer will run against contractor Rick Allen and state Rep. Lee Anderson for the Republican nomination.

Augusta lawyer Wright McLeod announced Tuesday his plan to seek the 12th Congressional District seat, bringing the Augusta-area field of official contenders for the redrawn district to three.


McLeod, a retired Navy commander who flew F-14 Tomcat missions during Operation Desert Storm, is a real estate lawyer based in Colum­bia County involved with management of homeowners associations.

“I refuse to accept the premise that my generation is going to turn over to our children a country that is worse off than
what was given to us,” said McLeod, 47.

Acknowledging that the last election he won was for Westside High School student council president, McLeod likened his campaign to that of late U.S. Rep. Charlie Nor­wood, a dentist in whose backyard pool McLeod said he learned to swim.

Norwood’s widow, Gloria, will serve as McLeod’s honorary campaign chairwoman, he said.

Gloria Norwood “was the first person that I went to after I decided to run,” McLeod said. “Her advice, her input, her intuition are in­valuable to somebody in my position.”

Augusta contractor Rick Allen and Grovetown state Rep. Lee An­derson are also seeking the Re­publican nomination to run against U.S. Rep. John Bar­row, a Dem­o­crat serving his fourth term.

The 12th District’s boundaries were redrawn by the state Legis­lature this year to exclude Barrow’s Savannah address and include more of Richmond, Columbia and Mc­Duf­fie counties.

McLeod is a graduate of the U.S. Na­val Academy with a master’s degree from Georgetown Uni­versity and a juris doctorate from University of Georgia School of Law.

He and his wife of 23 years, Sheri, have three daughters.

McLeod said he expects the Re­pub­lican primary field to grow before the July primary, but that he is the candidate who can beat Bar­row.

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