Finalist for Richmond County school superintendent signs contract



The lone finalist for Richmond County school superintendent has signed a contract accepting the job.

Pete Fletcher, attorney for the Richmond County Board of Education, said the school system received the signed document from Angela Pringle on Friday. He said the contract contained the “same financial terms as (former superintendent) Frank Roberson,” whose four-year tenure ended Friday after the board didn’t renew his contract earlier this year.

While Fletcher and board members Jack Padgett and Frank Dolan wouldn’t talk specifics, they said the contract stipulated Pringle’s salary would be in a “range similar to Roberson’s pay.” Roberson got a three year, $170,000 annual salary when hired in 2010. Pringle currently makes $119,000 a year as Region 2 superintendent of the DeKalb County school district.

The contract negotiations also covered insurance policies, grounds for termination and reimbursement for an iPhone Pringle plans to purchase for work-related purposes.

“I will recommend the board accept it when we meet to discuss it,” Fletcher said. “I think it’s a fair contract.”

Fletcher said Pringle and her attorney had signed off on the contract, and now Fletcher would need to send out a memo detailing her contract terms to board members so they can have an opportunity to comment. After that, the board will ratify the contract and bring Pringle aboard as superintendent at a public called meeting, which could be as soon as next week.

If Pringle is hired, she could start working “immediately after Labor Day,” Fletcher said.

Deputy Superintendent Tim Spivey will be interim superintendent until the deal is completed.

Pringle has been working in the DeKalb County school system since 2007, beginning as a high school principal and working her way up to Region 2 superintendent in 2010. As a superintendent, she has overseen 18,000 students in 23 elementary schools, three middle schools, five high schools and two alternative programs. She has managed a $7.7 million budget and 1,927 employees.


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